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Plymouth is the biggest city of Devon, in the United Kingdom. Located on the south coast it has a maritime and naval heritage, and also a few good sit es of note.
Torquay is a seaside resort town located in Torbay, Devon. Torquay has plenty of highlights and great places to visit when taking a vacation there. These are five great places to visit in Torquay.
Lundy is one of many small islands around the coast of Great Britain. Although it is visited by far fewer people than is true of many other such islands, it is certainly worth the effort, especially for people who are interested in wildlife.
Agatha Christie was a famous author who lived in Torquay. Agatha Christie produced some classic novels which inspired TV detective series such as Poirot. As such, there are many destinations in the seaside town of Torquay that have Christie connections, including the Agatha Christie M...
Devon in England's West Country is one of the great places to visit in the UK. Here are a few great reasons to visit Devon.
England is land of St George, London, pubs, tea & scones, the Beatles and perhaps a little more besides. As part of the UK (United Kingdom), it has some great attractions.
Kingswear is a village in Devon, located by the River Dart opposite the town of Dartmouth. As such, some may consider it to be a part of Dartmouth, although in many respects Kingswear has some notable sites of its own.
This article includes a brief visitor's guide to Plymouth.
Paignton is a seaside resort in Devon. On the coast of Torbay, Paignton has a few notable attractions.
This is a brief travel guide for Brixham in Devon.
Although small, Dartmouth Castle, which guards the entrance to the Dart Estuary, is a fascinating place to visit as well as offering superb views from its walls.
A brief history of Bodmin Jail in North Cornwall. One of Britains most advanced prisons when it opened in 1779 now a popular tourist attraction and important historical site.
Lizard, the most southerly point of the UK mainland - a dramatic coastline, regarded as the birthplace of modern communications, and yet a world apart.
The southern coast of Cornwall has several river valleys that form wide estuaries as they meet the sea and offer a softer landscape than that of the rocky headlands of the far west and north Cornish coast. One of these estuaries is at Fowey, a few miles east of St Austell.
The Penwith peninsula is the “toe” of Cornwall, comprising the most westerly portion of mainland Britain and including the rocky cliffs of Land’s End. Penwith is of interest to the walker, birdwatcher and enthusiast for history, both ancient and industrial.
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