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For five weeks during the summer of 1977 I lived in Moscow while working on a temporary assignment at the British Embassy. My living arrangements were interesting, to say the least.
Have you ever heard of Birobidzhan? This page will introduce you to an oftentimes overlooked piece of Jewish history.
Moscow's size and complexity, combined with the country's unique language and culture, make the city hard to navigate for foreigners. Here are some tips to help ease the way for business travelers.
Goa is not only esteemed for its beaches but also for its escapade and senile churches. Goa has always been a prevalent domiciliary for the charismatic nightlife, cruises and beaches. Crude beaches and pervasiveness of imperial rivers has flaunted Goa to rapture for people.
Have you ever wondered what Moscow's Kremlin might conceal? Well, a few years ago I had an opportunity to travel there and found an amazing microcosm of life sheltered behind those forbidding walls. Join me on a little tour behind the scenes of this enigmatic place.
The IAF was closely associated with the Soviet Union earlier and that facilated my visit to Russia 35 times,Russia is a lovely place and I have unforgettable memories of it.
For a fun and relaxing adventure of a lifetime consider a river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg. There are numerous ports of call during the cruise and the passengers have the option of choosing guided tours or free time and self-guided tours. Be sure to pack comfortable walking ...
A fun and exciting way to travel across the great expanse of Russia is via train. The Trans-Siberian Express is one of the largest passenger trains in the world and the accommodations range from modest to luxurious. Even the luxury accommodations are reasonably priced with a 15-day tr...
St Peterburg is a beautiful holiday destination for those who want to experience history and culture in abundance
Ivangorod Fortress is one of the Russian’s medieval castles established in 1492, opposing to the Herman Narva Castle on the other side of the Narva River. Situated on a high stratified rock known by the people as ‘Virgin’s Mountain’, it stands intimidating to the Narva Castle ...
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