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Vancouver of British Columbia in Canda is one of the eco friendly cities in the world, the city outflows of co2 reduces will be 33% by 2020.
Local shares insights into touring Vancouver: eateries, arts, culture, and the outdoors.
Steveston is an area of Richmond, British Columbia, located south of Vancouver. It is a fishing community and tourist area. Learn more about what you can see and do on a trip to Steveston.
I recently returned from a holiday to Vancouver. While there we saw many raccoons in Stanley Park. As raccoons do not live where I do (in central Alberta) it was neat to see them so unafraid of humans.
If you love gardens, then Summer is the best time to enjoy them. Butchart Gardens is one of the best gardens in North America. If you happen to be in Canada, visit the Butchart Gardens and enjoy every minute of your stay.
A few years ago, I had a wonderful experience traveling to Vancouver, BC. My family and I enjoyed seeing a few of the beautiful places in Canada. If you haven't been there, plan to do so.
A trip to Butchart Gardens is an absolutely must-do if you are on Vancouver Island. This world-famous garden started out as a quarry and improved from there after many years of hard work and determination of the wife of the quarry owner.
I enjoyed my visit to Seattle, Washington and Victoria, BC so I had to do it twice. if you are in the area, the ferry trip from Seattle to Victoria will be the highlight.
A review of the Thornton Motel in Ucluelet, B.C. This motel is located in downtown Ucluelet and close to attractions such as whale watching or the Wild Pacific Trail.
Vancouver island is full of exciting things to do for adventure seekers, like bungee jumping, mountain biking. Another attraction is the lovely beaches and abundance of natural beauty. The tourists love the beautiful weather.
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