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Hep Five Ferris Wheel, Osaka Castle and Osaka Minami are impressive tourist attractions in Osaka for you visit.
The JET Program(me) is an initiative run by the Japanese government. It sees native English speakers placed as teachers in public schools and can be a great experience for JETs and an excellent gateway to Japan. Many have had the time of their life living and working abroad as they le...
There are crazy and unique hotel in Japan that using room capsule. This room capsule looks like a mini container that stacked side by side in a row. The room capsule only contains mattress, pillow, blanket and a TV attached on the corner inside the capsule.
A review of the Chicago pizza restaurant in Tokyo, Devil Craft.
I've written "Things in Japan I Don't Miss", now let's take a look at a more positive note: things in Japan I loved, and can't wait to see/experience again.
Maid Cafés are a unique and very fun experience, highlighting the crazy fantasy world of anime and Otaku culture.
#2 in the "Things I Wish I Knew" series. This focuses on the whole reason why you're in Tokyo in the first place: studying.
Japan is a great place to live - but like any country, there are downsides too.
#1 in the "Things I Wish I Knew" series, about perhaps the most important factor of all: money.
Hitsujiyama Koen is spotted in Chichibu-shi, Saitama Prefecture and it is 105 minutes by Saibu Railway station Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
Aagashima is located on Volcanic island in Phillippine sea at a distance of 322 km away from Tokyo, Japan. With less populated around 200 people.
This article presents the waste disposal system in cities of Japam.
Japan will offer 10,000 free flights to foreigners who want to visit this country.
The sado or chado, more commonly known as the tea ceremony, is a cultural ritual of preparing and drinking tea based on Daoism. During my trip to Tokyo i was able to partake in the delightful cultural event.
Ikebana is the traditional flower arrangement which is conducted in Japan. After reading this article you might change your mind about your local florist.
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