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Tokyo seen through the eyes of an American student. This is the reason why everyone must travel abroad before they die.
Greetings, this time I will tell you about my dream: a trip to Japan!
You may check the remains and charge the card if necessary at the card vending machine found at the stations. Pass net is sold in three types: 1,000 yen, 3,000 yen and 5,000 yen. The record of your usage is printed on the back of the card so that you know how much the present remains ...
Japan- The land of rich culture, Buddhist temples, beautiful places. Many people don't know Japan has many UNESCO world heritage sites which attracts tourists to this beautiful country. Read more to find about them.
Here is an article to embrace a little of Japan before you go for a tour. Every time a traveler or a tourist goes to different places, it is English, the International language, usually used for communication. But in some circumstances, some find it difficult to communicate when in t...
Impressions of one of the swankiest areas of Tokyo, a visit to Mitsukoshi (think Harrods) and general family fun in Tokyo!
Our adventures travelling around the world with a three year old! As part of our family world trip, we spent 10 days in Japan.
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