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Are you planning on taking a trip this holiday season? You may want to plan on visiting Australia! It is one of the warmest places in the world, so it can be a great place to escape the brutal winters most of us have to deal with every year. These are the 5 things we recommend you to ...
On my recent cruise on the Sun Princess, from Sydney to Tasmania and back, we passed under the Sydney Harbour Bridge twice, both when departing and arriving back in Sydney.
If you are looking for great places to kick back in Australia, this text is what you were looking for.
A firsthand look at the Sydney Opera House and its origins from a recent tourist who visited there, with the history of its construction included.
This page will discuss about the traveling destinationa in Australia. Australian history, arts and culture.
This true personal story might make you think twice before snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Learn about the terror and fear we experienced as tourists.
Every year vivid sydeny light festival was celebrated in the moth of May to June with different lighting projections on different parts of the city.
A sunny afternoon on the Harbour ferry turned into something much more of an adventure...
Arriving too early in New Zealand we head for the sunshine in Australia
Facts and Info about Australia. Sydney opera house and Brisbane city information.
This page describes a great way to pass the time while driving down some of australias most boring motorways.
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