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Cuisine is highlight of travel, and to really experience and interact with new place is to experience its flavor. Food is tangible representations and heart of any culture; borders shift, languages change but recipes are there forever. Food around the world is as varied as the people ...
you will love Bolivia! It's a great country! Find here more about Bolivia!
The Pope is back in his home continent. He is here with a message, and he is hoping this message about love and Environment echoes into every country.
Maybe you are planning to visit Argentina in South America holiday. Three would be recommended places to visit Buenos Aires, Salta and Iguazu Falls. From Salta we can cross the border into Chile to visit San Pedro de Atacama in the Atacama desert beautiful and wonderful.
Brazil's Amazon Basin is a natural world wonder that has captured the attention of individuals of all ages and from all walks of life. It has an unrivaled ecosystem, and each year travelers are surprised at how much they find in this intriguing area of the world. For this reason, Amaz...
Most of countries have tribes. Tribes have their own style of living, tradition and culture. Here is some information about Uros tribes Peru.
Here follows more of my 2011 tour through the city of Bogotá, Colombia.
The Nazca Lines are probably the world’s best-known example of “geoglyphs”, which can be defined as large-scale man-made markings on the ground that are made for artistic, religious or social reasons. But why are they there?
A 4,000-square-mile salt plane in the Bolivian altiplano is one of the planet's few candid void's. It attracts a tourist by its emptiness. You will enjoy catching breath at 12, 000 ft above sea level.
The National Park cafe is a place to definitely visit when you come to Colombia and here I show you a little reference of this lovely place, always reminding them that Colombia Is Passion
Whales, penguins, guanacos, hares, marine elephants, birds: the almost virgin Patagonian region is one of the most wonderful places on earth for sightseeing and ecologic tourism.
Those beautiful lips can hook anyone with their charming beauty and freshness. Those pretty pair of lips is inviting you to kiss. They are commonly known as Hooker Lips or the Hot Lips.
Sao Paulo breathes with its most intriguing spicy culture. It offers a hardcore civilization and one of the most wanted destinations tucked in Brazil. Indulge!
Personality profile of naturalist Sean Dilrosun working in Suriname
Former United States President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt faces his mortality in the Brazilian Amazon.
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