Featured articles in Portugal

The travelling around the Iceland of Madeira has lots to offer to those who likes to explore new places. Discover Levada walks, the edge of Pico Ruivo and traditional “toboggan ride.”
This is a small description of the traiditional easter in my country.
Of many tourists places in the world, Portugal stands out in many respects. One lies in its history, evidence of which we see in its museums and palaces. If you love the beach and the sun and plenty of seafood, then you will find Portugal invigorating.
Lisbon is a fine place to visit as Portugal has a long association with India. Its one of teh cheapest places in Europe
Few places are better to spend your holidays than Vila do Conde. An unique combination of Sun, beaches, women and amazing cuisine will make you so sad when it's time to go back to work.
I lived for a while in portugal, actually all my childhood, this is a special cake of portugal.
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