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Pagudpud Ilocos Norte a tourism spot with white sands with cheap prices for accomodations and foods.
Flowers everywhere - as we rediscover the beauty of Baguio City.
It is so surprising to see a precious statue in the middle of the mountain.
A place that can never be replaced. it is the place like home for everyone.
"I found myself adrift; from that one person I left. thinking about the Queen City of the South, a smile carved 'round my mouth. Oh, I do! If only I could say, "I miss you." to that one person who makes my life anew." - April 21, 8:15 A.M.
I haven’t been to many places here in the Philippines – so before I travel outside of my fatherland, I want to travel Philippines. And experience the nature – to finally say “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.
In a separate month and year, I visited some of the famous places in the Northern Luzon. I visited Baguio City multiple times - I like the weather -- cold weather that is. I only visited Alaminos City once when we went to the Hundred Islands.
A honeymoon gate away in Northern Philippines turn into food documentation and gastronomic adventure.
It has a perfect cone shape symmetry which will surely captivate your eye sights.
The ethnicity can be seen in the tribal product in the mountain side of the Philippines.
One of the Philippines' wonders is the Hundred Islands National Park, a tourist attraction that is worth visiting. Be mesmerized with its beauty and charm.
Me and my office mates decided to take a break from "gruesome" work this past summer. And when I say we decided to take a break, we really meant to go full blast! Here are some photos of the scenery of the Hidden Paradise we discovered located at San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines.
Baguio City is a cool place for retreat on Holy week. It is a peaceful place for meditation and awesome place for lovers and honeymooners.
For so long people in my hometown wants to see some major changes, change in governance, change in image.
`Isdaan' is a well-known floating restaurant in Gerona,Tarlac. It is situated halfway to Baguio and other north provinces of the Philippines.
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