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So, we've all travelled by car a lot. And by walking. And by flying. And by... well, whatever else. But how many of us travel great distances by swimming? That's not something you do every day, so when I think of an opportunity, I grab it!
When a family outing to a local Game Reserve becomes a race for survival, out-smarting a 12ft raging bull elephant.
White Lions are beautiful creatures, but sadly, there are very few in the wild. Most are kept in zoos, and unfortunately, interbreeding can result in genetic defects. Behind the beauty of these beasts lies some sad truths for those born and bred in captivity.
Unlike humans, animals exist guided by instinct. Each species go about foraging for food, however, in times of food scarcity, some take roles as predators and the victims as preys. Let's view the following videos to prove my point.
Manyane Resort is located close to Johannesburg in Pilanesberg. Tourists visit this resort to look at birds and animals in their natural habitat. You can experience wild life safaris, elephant rides and go trekking or animal tracking. Anyway it is loads of fun.
The valleys were steep as much as the knolls were winding, huge mountains and exceeding farmlands; these words best describe the rustic dwelling community called Kwadukwuza.
This article contains a visit to Robben Island and in particular Nelson Mandela's cell
Anysberg, or Aniseed mountain, so named after the splendid scented air wafting up from the unique and diverse indidenous wild herbs growing abundantly in this region.
South Africa is paradise for honemoon couples, with gorgeous multicultural country with adventure activities like safaris, beaches.
Flight by plane Flew over arrid Karoo Descending towards Cape Town Airport Take car to Hermanus Beautiful views along the coast Visit Hermanus
the history of early South Africa and its indigenous people, the Nama and the San
Cape Town is hot spot for South African tourism. With plenty of opportunities for adventure only a short drive away, what better way to enjoy your holiday than in a hired car?
Whenever you visit South Africa, whether it is for business or pleasure; make sure that one of its National Parks are on your itinerary.
When visiting South Africa be sure to take a ride on the cableway and experience Table Mountain.
My article looks at the attraction and success of South Africa's famous botanical garden.
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