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A bit of history about the White Palace Grill in Chicago, Illinois.
A comparison of the subway system versus the ell system in Chicago.
Presents and Recommends 8 Combo-styled Tourist Attractions in Chicago
Chicago is a one of the largest cities in the United States. Chicago is known to be as "The Windy City". Also most people knew about the "Great Chicago Fire" back in October of 1871. But now is city is rebuilt and prospering. Here are some of things that you find in the city of Chicag...
If you have never visited the ‘Windy City’ then what have you been missing? My visit was to watch my son take part in its world famous Marathon, but we built in extra days so that we could explore all the wonders of the city. We took a whole day to explore the Navy Pier, and rea...
When you have a son who enjoys extreme sports, you have to be prepared for all the unusual travel opportunities that might arise - and in our house they arise frequently !
Safety on the roadways is important at all times, but especially when winter weather is around. Watch out for emergency employees during the winter months, as they are trying to do their job.
A lot of rich history lies within Springfield, Illinois, but the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum contains both Lincoln history and Illinois history.
A lot of history lies within the Executive Mansion, dating back to 1855. Several Illinois Governors have lived directly behind the Governor's Mansion.
There are plenty of tourist attractions in Springfield Illinois. They would make for a great day trip, or even a week!
Whether you are looking for haunted houses to visit or just places to trick-or-treat, Springfield has it all.
Vacationing and tenting at the national park was fun and exciting and hopefully we will come back there again
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