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If you have been wondering where you should spend the rest of your years then look no further than Cebu. Start refining your search, pare down the list and then consider Cebu. Take a gander at these three places in Cebu and why they make excellent retirement sanctuaries.
A postscript analysis of a Senator hubris, braggadocio, discipline and protection from the law.
Pagudpud Ilocos Norte a tourism spot with white sands with cheap prices for accomodations and foods.
A chance encounter between an Englishman and an old Filipino man on a beach reveals the real impact of a typhoon.
Flowers everywhere - as we rediscover the beauty of Baguio City.
I do believe, the land of my birth is worth hoping for. Like a prizefighter, trying to rise up from a fall caused by a heavy blow. I’ll stand up. I’ll not give up on her. I’ll do my share.
It is so surprising to see a precious statue in the middle of the mountain.
I want to share to everyone one of the tourist attraction in the Philippines and one of the best beaches in the world.
A place that can never be replaced. it is the place like home for everyone.
"I found myself adrift; from that one person I left. thinking about the Queen City of the South, a smile carved 'round my mouth. Oh, I do! If only I could say, "I miss you." to that one person who makes my life anew." - April 21, 8:15 A.M.
I haven’t been to many places here in the Philippines – so before I travel outside of my fatherland, I want to travel Philippines. And experience the nature – to finally say “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.
See the wonders of nature and explore the other side of the world. Uncharted territories will definitely astound you and bring you to paradise
The traditions of the Filipino people. There are several celebrations of the Philippines.
Many of us Catholics may say that Pope John Paul II visited the Philippines twice and those visits were on 1981 and 1995 respectively, then many of us were not entirely correct. The truth is that Pope John Paul did not only visit once or twice but rather three times.
Happiness in the Philippiness is their everything.A typical Filipino will choose living a very difficult life with their family than to live a billionaire's life,provided with all their wants but not your needs. Filipino are known as having a close family ties. They think not for the...
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