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In 1999 I was working in Armagh, carrying out some educational work with the Planetarium. Much planning for this forthcoming event took place, and people were planning to be at the Planetarium for a unique event.
All countries and people have their own identifications. They can be identified and be classified through geographical location. Ireland is part of The British Isles but not part of United Kingdom.
How to watch Hulu in Ireland. Simple and fast solution to access Hulu from anywhere outside the United States.
Have you ever heard of the Giant Causeway in northern Ireland? It truly is a spectacular sight to see. The giant hexagonal rocks "walk" out into the ocean and beg you to photograph them. You must see this sight if you are ever in northern Ireland!
This short article speaks about the Belfast Castle in the popular city of Belfast, Ireland
In part three our hero's start to make their way back Home
Are you thinking of visiting Ireland? Read about the places on the island that will surely take your breath away.
Ireland, the third largest island off the northwest coast of continental Europe: its geography, climate, economy, flora.
Normally, Ireland has a mild and damp climate leaning towards showers and rainy spells, sometimes getting torrential rain and gale force wind threatening worse to come, but never really have an antediluvian deluge to cover mountain cliffs, for most of the time the weather is without e...
Dublin, a city over a 1,000 years old, is the cultural and historical capital of Ireland and the birthplace of many of the world's most popular writers and musicians. James Joyce and Oscar Wilde were both born here. But what's it like?
Kinnego Bay is one of Ireland's best kept secrets - and now you know all about it.
Visit the mystic, ghostly islands in the largest lake in the British Isles. Feel an atmosphere that is intriguing, captivating, peaceful and, above all, truly alive!
Some parts of Ireland's coast defy all description for their beauty and ovewhelming impact. These cliffs are one such place.
Discovery the family origins of Literature's greatest trio of sisters, and their father's family origins.
Sometimes things happen that are so bizarre, that you just couldn't make them up..
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