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Australia’s third-largest city, Brisbane has achieved some long overdue recognition over the past few years. Once seen as no rival for Melbourne and Sydney, this sleepy country town has slowly transformed into one of the most popular cities in Australia. Statistics show that approxi...
The Gold Coast is located in Queensland, Australia, about 94 kilometers south of Brisbane, the state capital. The Gold Coast is a highly popular tourist destination due to its subtropical climate, abundant sunshine, rainforests, canal systems, stunning beaches and stimulating nightlif...
This article provides advice to the average tourist who wants to experience the most out of the area Down Under and discover the jewels of the world which are Australia and New Zealand.
Queensland - the Sunshine State! When we first arrived it started pouring down rain, that was not what we expected from the Far North and the Sunshine State.. But beeing stucked there without any money and without a job was the best thing that could have happened to us!
We travel to Brisbane in search of warmth and yes, it gets warmer...... and wetter!
The amazing experience of my first travel abroad. Flying for the first time is itself a thrill and to Brisbane via Singapore is even more exciting experience. I just want to share how I manage to get my passport and visa for this travel.
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