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There are lots of ways to travel around India, but most of the options aren’t very efficient or punctual.
Are you planning on taking a trip this holiday season? You may want to plan on visiting Australia! It is one of the warmest places in the world, so it can be a great place to escape the brutal winters most of us have to deal with every year. These are the 5 things we recommend you to ...
Have you planned your vacation yet? How about visiting New Zealand’s Thermal Wonderland? Here are some of the amazing natural wonders you will find there.
Australia’s third-largest city, Brisbane has achieved some long overdue recognition over the past few years. Once seen as no rival for Melbourne and Sydney, this sleepy country town has slowly transformed into one of the most popular cities in Australia. Statistics show that approxi...
On my recent cruise on the Sun Princess, from Sydney to Tasmania and back, we passed under the Sydney Harbour Bridge twice, both when departing and arriving back in Sydney.
This article provides advice to the average tourist who wants to experience the most out of the area Down Under and discover the jewels of the world which are Australia and New Zealand.
If you are looking for great places to kick back in Australia, this text is what you were looking for.
A firsthand look at the Sydney Opera House and its origins from a recent tourist who visited there, with the history of its construction included.
This page will discuss about the traveling destinationa in Australia. Australian history, arts and culture.
This is an experience I had in a jewel of a destination, tucked away deep in the forests of New Zealand
While New Zealand as a whole has much to offer. South new Zealand has a different story to tell. South New Zealand is a laid back Island with grazing prairies skirting the roads, with hillocks further beyond... read more
This true personal story might make you think twice before snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Learn about the terror and fear we experienced as tourists.
Broken Hill: My dog and I would like to welcome you to our home town. We would like to start with the Zinc Lakes - lets go walking.
I would like to say it is the best time I have had during my long journey. I hope I can visit the city again and explore more around the Western Australia.
In the heart of Melbourne, Australia, stands a magnificent Victorian building. This is the General Post Office, the post office has been transformed into a magnificent and luxurious mall. Suitable for shopping attractions.
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