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You may not think of worms as being particularly charming, but you can become a world champion worm charmer if you get your technique right!
You can be a world champion in many different ways these days. Perhaps one of the more unusual world titles that might come your way is that of World Black Pudding Thrower.
Closed to commercial shipping and warehousing in 1972 and reopened in 1984 as a marina and tourist attraction, the Albert Dock takes us back a century and a half to explore some of the rich cultural and maritime heritage of Britain's famous city of Liverpool.
This is one of a series of articles about the top left-hand corner of England with suggestions on where to go, what to see and, possibly, what to avoid! From Cheshire to Cumbria, encompassing Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Lancashire, the area has rolling fields, big cities, sweep...
Coronation Street, that Soap Opera set in Manchester has chalked up 50 years of airtime now and is seen by viewers all over the world. Why has this show become so iconic? Students study its history and format, even PhDs have been written based on its history and development. So h...
Blackpool is well known as one of England’s seaside venues. It developed as the holiday destination of England back in 1846 when the advent of the railways brought the workers of the industrial towns inland,to ‘take the air’. Its three piers have been beautifully maintained in ...
Yorkhire is simply a great place to come and visit, especially during the summer time, there are lots of quaint villages and rambling countryside to explore. Yorkshire has that historical appeal along with fashionalble shops.
I attended an open day for Lancaster University on Wednesday, here are my impressions of the University in general.
Blackpool is considered the Fun Capital of the UK, Britains answer to Las Vegas some might say. But there some really interesting facts about Blackpool that most visitors are unaware of.
I have great memories of Mitton Hall as it was the venue for both my wedding ceremony and reception. Read on for the low down on the food, rooms, service and location.
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