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Whether one seeks the Great Outdoors or the Great Indoors, Derbyshire is the perfect county to visit and explore, as it has both in spades!
Six places of historical interest to visit in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire (there are many more).
If you think that the best things always come in threes, then a visit to Rushton Triangular Lodge is a must. Everything about this place is triangular. It has three walls and three storeys, with three windows in each. Each wall is topped by three triangular gables and in the centre is...
A short introduction to my “home patch”, an attractive but neglected part of the English Midlands
Some of my fellow villagers have odd ideas about place name origins!
Join us on a family trip to Bosworth Battlefield, Leicestershire, where a dynasty of English Monarchs came to an end, a king was lost, and a new era began.
It had been 25 years since I'd seen Sue & Marsh. Or more realistically, since they had seen me! I was 27 and about to reconnect with some long lost family friends overseas.
incoln is the perfect destination for a weekend break as its array of dining, sightseeing and shopping options caters to all budgets. This medieval town is in the heart of Lincolnshire county in the East Midlands
With the opening of Nottingham Contemporary last year, the Lace Market now has a cultural jewel
Norfolk is a great county in the UK, with many interesting things to see and do. Here are some of my experiences to share.
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