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Seoul city has remained to be the most attractive place in south Korea. It has beautiful places to visit.
Love happened in the air from New York to Alaska and Alaska to Seoul. Her name is Angelica Antonio.
The Bampo bridge was constructed on Han river at Seoul, South Korea, to arract the people they have arranged the 10,000 Led nozels to sprinkle the water from the river.
Seoul was once a city for kings but now the capital is a modern metropolis and economic hub for the entire nation. Historically, Seoul has always been the center for political and educational opportunities.
Today Kyongju is called Korea’s “Culture City” or Museum without Walls.” Kyongju City, with a population of 100,000, still maintains the traditional Korean architectural style of housing, which is hard to find in other regions of the country. Farmers work in the fields where...
The different species of flora and fauna found in Korea's geographical landmark thrives even at present times.. Example, unusual tree besides the gingko, which is seen throughout the peninsula, is the paulownia tree. Its large leaves and vivid purple flowers make it attractive and ...
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