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Seven day road trip across four states in USA. Wake up to different sites each day and in the process, rekindle the inner self - Utah.
A true story and senseless act carried out by heavily armed forces for reasons that have an undertone of revengeful and uncivilized based structures as it is typically acted out on helpless and unresisting humans, and is never the less barbaric in its very nature.
While on a twenty-day motor trip to Chicago and back we encountered the heavy hand of the law in Utah, where we were treated as if we were common criminals, simply because our rental car had California license plates.
Utah's Castle Country invites visitors across the globe to spend their holidays and week-ends in a lovely manner. The Tourism Office is waiting to serve them at the best possible way.
Solitude Ski gets praise for its abundant powder and the fact that it is not crowded.
Tourists and vacationers are attracted to destinations along both the east and west coasts of the United States. However, they rarely get to see many of the beautiful and fun destinations in between. Lake Powell, in southern Utah, is one of those places.
Lagoon Park is an amusement park located in Farmington, Utah. There are nine thrilling roller coasters but the park offers much more than high speed thrill rides.
Southern Utah contains perhaps the most spectacular scenery one could see anywhere.
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