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Last week was my vacation. Although I had a week off work we only went away for a few days. My wife and I drove north from our home near Pigeon Lake, up to Lake Wabamun, then over to Hinton, then to Jasper,and south to Fort Saskatchewan Crossing, before coming home.
Learn how tampering with nature may have caused the extinction of yet another species, this one the Banff Longnose Dace, as I recount my visit to Banff's Cave and Basin area.
I live in Canada, and work in a popular tourist area. Canada is a great tourist destination, less crowded than most places in Europe or the USA, and we welcome you to our home.
West Edmonton Mall was once the world's largest shopping mall. It is only 1 hour from my home and is well worth visiting, even if you do not plan on buying anything, it is a very entertaining place to visit, you should plan on spending at least 4-8 hours.
If you are looking for a beautiful place to stop while traveling from Golden, BC, to Calgary, AB, you should visit Emerald Lake. This natural tourist stop is stunning and more affordable than the more visited Lake Louise.
Rats are pretty much everywhere, but thanks to the hard work of Alberta's Rat Patrol, you will not find a rat in this Canadian province. Learn more about how Alberta managed to stay Rat Free.
Drumheller is located in South Eastern Alberta, Canada, (1.5 hours NE of Calgary). The area is known as the Badlands, famous for the many dinosaur bones discovered in the area, it also features some interesting tourist stops. Plan your trip to Drumheller to see these Tourist Attract...
In southern Alberta, Canada, just to the North West of Banff, and within Banff National Park, there are three terrific hiking opportunities, all at the same spot.
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