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I can't believe college is over, i cant forget all those beautiful memories with my friends. I want to share about a place where i went with my friends for the first time and enjoyed a lot.
Find basic information on tourism in Kerala a state of India.
Legend apart, Kerala's culture has been an integral part of the main-steam of Indian pluralistic tradition. Its history comprise assimilation and fusion of old traditions and new values in every sphere of human thought and activity.
At a height 912 meters above sea level, Sultan’s Battery 97 km from Calicut nestles among the coffee –producing hill of Wynad and Lakkidi. A few miles from here is Perumanam Kotta where the Pashasi Raja his strong hold till the fort was captured bt the British in 1805.
Kath kali is a well-known dance style in this state. The abode of lord Ayyappa is a famous pilgrim center in sabarimala. Sankaracharya was born in Kalady in Ernakulam district.
According to one legend Siva came on his mount, an Ox,and tied it there while he was witnessing the dance of Ayyappa after the killing of Mahishi.
The deities here- Karuppasway and Gnanapati -making offerings and cracking coconuts for safe journey up the ghats.
The night was extremely cold in Pampa. We were exhausted, but at the same time we were excited at the prospect of climbing the third and last mountain -Neeli -on the morrow, so we slept soundly in that thick forest under the tender protection of the Lord.
About 4 kilometers from Erumeli to the east is a rivulet perur thodu (thodu meaning canal). The path up to this is on level ground and the rivulet is actually the boundary dividing the forest from the village.
Nostalgia not necessarily should be sweet always, but it touches the heart or even penetrates into one’s heart deeply. Every human being will feel nostalgia at some specific points in his or her life. However, it is more for Malayalees, the original inhabitants of Kerala the souther...
The article speaks about the beauty of Doronto Train journey from Kolkata to Bengaluru when Indians staying in Eastern part of India travel to Kerala.
The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary in the Western Ghats is a part of the Wayanad plateau in Kerala, South India. Kerala is known as one of the most popular states of India.
The article speaks about the excellent experience of visiting Suchindram Temple in South India where devotees offer puja.
The article speaks about the beautiful amenities and excellent services provided by Uday Samudra Hotel in Covalam in Kerala.
The article speaks about the unique beauty of Alleppey Beach in Alleppey, in Kerala. The South Indian state has a treasure in terms of natural beauty.
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