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Melting glaciers, comes Love in Papua Indonesia, so wonderful lake
Waters of Paradise Bay is the largest marine conservation area in Indonesia as well as a research center of the whale shark or whale shark (Rhincodon typus) in the world with the cooperation between the government, private sector, communities, universities and NGOs at home and abroad....
Indonesia is a country with a lot of tribe. The result is Indonesia has a lot of traditional house, language, clothes and much more. Now I will talk about Honai a traditional house from Papua
Korowai tribals living in Papua of Indonesia is making tree houses above 8 to 12 metres above the ground on trees.
Heaven underwater. Tuna fish, giant trevallies, snappers, and even barracudas are there to complete your underwater ‘meeting list’.
"We were met by Herman, our trekking guide, and Tinius, the chief porter. After a short briefing and some paperwork (you need a permit to trek at Papua) we then were greeted by our full team of porters – 5 of them, including Tinius. We then set off on a 4-wheels drive to Sogomok to ...
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