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Although the largest province in Spain, Badajoz has a population of only 662,000, making it one of the least densely populated provinces in the country. During the reign of the Roman Empire, Badajoz gained a reputation throughout the world as a fortress city because of its strong wall...
This Valencia Biopark is located Parque de Cabecera within the former Turia Riverbed. The wild species in this zoo are freely moving without any barriers, the tourists may aware about the protect the environment through commitment.
Being the "typical" Aries, I had to go and find out. Born and raised in Munich (that's Europe/Germany/Bavaria/Oktoberfest for our oversea's readers), I thought sailing around Europe would be a good wheeze to find out which country might be the "green-est".
Things just are different in Spain. Spain is not Europe, it only looks like it. Spain has got the Euro, ok. Spain wants to be Europe if there is a subsidy to claim, but other than that they are not even Spanish here. They are "Valenciano" or "Catalan" etc. with their "special" languag...
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