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Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, and is one of Europe's more exciting destinations. This is a city located on the coast that is a bridging point with the Balearic Islands. The city is located in northeast Spain, to the south of the Pyrenees Mountains. Barcelona is renowned for i...
We recently booked a late saver holiday to Lloret de Mar. The tariff was full board, our first experience of this. Read on to find out more.
The city of Barcelona, located on the coast of Spain, is a great city. Overall it can make for a good summer trip for visitors, with beaches by the sea but also has architecture, arts and sports and entertainment sites.
Barcelona is the capital of the semi-autonomous region of Spain, Catalonia. Located on Spain's Mediterranean coast, the city is the main bridging point to the Belearic Islands. Here are five of Barcelona's highlights.
From Las Vegas to Barcelona, discover the best destinations to host your bachelorette party, whether you’re looking for sea, relaxation or a 24-hour party
This article includes a brief traveler's guide for Barcelona in Spain.
Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and has about 1.5 million inhabitants. The city receives millions of tourists annually, one of the tourist attractions are its beautiful lush beaches that is visited by all kinds of people in the world.
Ideally located on the Iberian Peninsula's northeastern coast, Catalonia is a celebrated Spanish city that receives a high number of tourists each year
This northern city offers stunning views, great gastronomy and one of the best a more affordable day spas.
Anyone who is traveling to Spain should consider indulging in the best sightseeing Barcelona has to offer. Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, Spain, is a vibrant Mediterranean city featuring Medieval architecture, genuine Roman ruins and some of the world's most exquisite examples o...
Barcelona, an intriguing and beautiful city in northern Spain, is associated with all the enjoyable characteristics for which its geographical location is known. At the same time it maintains its prominent position as a contributor to Spanish tourism, commerce and culture. Those who i...
The city of Barcelona is dominated by the works of the famous architect, Antoni Gaudi. Although this beautiful part of Spain features a very cosmopolitan environment, it is also rich in history and famous for its centuries-old art.
Calella is a seaside town in Catalonia, Spain, approximately 35 miles northeast of Barcelona. It is situated on the coast between Pineda de Mar and Sant Pol de Mar.
Barcelona, a lovely and intriguing city in northeastern Spain offers all the delightful characteristics of its specific geographical location, while at the same time maintaining its prominent position as a contributor to Spanish life, culture, tourism, and commerce.
Barcelona is a beautiful city in northeastern Spain, and those who are planning a day of sightseeing will be intrigued by its many historical landmarks and spectacular scenery. Although a prominent contributor to Spanish life and culture, Barcelona is also a hub of commerce and touris...
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