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I have never been to Opava, but would like to after reading some interesting facts about it. Read on to find out more.
Discover the beautiful city of Prague in the Christmas season...
Another skyscrapers to astound us. The Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group created another extraordinary towers that will amaze the world. Here, it is for you to see.
If you have never been to prague before, then this short article with give you a good start at places to visit when you get there.
Many tourists when choosing a place instead of the standard resorts often choose the Czech Republic. Strangely enough, but this country attracts a significant number of tourists. What attracts us there?
Prague says that the city lies at the heart of Europe. Others call it “hundred-towered Prague”.
Text about Beautiful city, Hradec Králové and its history.
There is a legendary clock in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s very famous and there are lots of tales and legends about it. I summary the most interesting stories about this clock.
Are you planing a trip to Prague? Are you wondering what to do when you get there? Check out this great article on one of the most amazing places in Europe.
Bones glorious bones Inside this church is fill of human bones just fascinating. This woman who works there intrigued me.
There are simply too many things to see in Prague, Czech Republic. The city called Golden City or City of 1000 Spires has a long history, there are tens of historical monuments to see and many interesting places to visit. Before you leave this city, be sure to see the top 10 places fr...
This article is about Region Náchodsko where I live.
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