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Bali is the tourists destination in Indonesia. Many cultures and arts, also beautiful places that you can see
Bali, Paradise on Earth!! It's really a wonderful, must visited Island in Asia!
Bali is the beautiful island that is located in Indonesia. To know the beauty of Bali, here is information for you.
Gender equality is only words, some time, when in reality we still see many women have been treated unfair by their men.
They do not bury or burn them. They only cover the dead bodies with pieces of clothes.
Villa Sungai Tinggi is one of Bali 's very few absolute beachfront Villas. Nestled in rice fields and with over 100m of private beach frontage, it has the ultimate sunset panorama with views over to the Jimbaran Bukit headland in the South, across to the Java coastline in the West and...
uniqueness, the beauty of an attractive tourism and culture as well as artistic.
This article tells about the traditional wedding "Sasak tribe" on the island of Lombok. A beautiful island, with its beaches of soft white sand ... and the attraction of a unique and diverse customs. Very worthy of consideration into your year-end tourist destination ...
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