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Humsafar Express is a series of 3 Tier AC trains outlined by Indian Railways to give the travelers a sense of affordable luxury. They are intended to offer an excellent facilities to the passengers onboard on various routes.
Golden Triangle is one of the most popular travel circuits in northern India. It covers three historical and splendid cities of India - Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.
Golden Triangle is one of the most sought after tour destination of India. It introduces the enriching cultural experience with heartland exotic cities.
In India, you can find museums that has preserved the glorious past of the culture and religions.Indian Museums present a part of India at their own. Indian History unfolds itself in the implicit walls of these museums.
Bali is a unique and beautiful part of the world that many individuals describe as the tropical jewel of India. Rivers, jungles, outstanding architecture, landmarks, and impressive scenery make up the island of Bali. Bali resorts are some of the most extravagant establishments in the ...
India is a vast land with many languages, cultures, religions, beliefs and second only to China in population.
Passing through Janshi and Gwalior, we reached city of Bhopal -the capital of Madhya Pradesh state. I was reminded the story of Jhansi ki Rani’. Our friend told us that of Madhya Pradesh were located on the Malwa plateau. The landscape, by now had total changed.
The Government of India passed the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. Under the act national sanctuaries and biosphere reserves were established. In this article I am providing some important sanctuaries and fauna found in that particular sanctuaries.
In India driving is both pleasure and a hazard. In addition traffic remains on left like in UK.
An article on chai tea the most popular form of hot beverage in India. Also read about the spiced tea of masala chai...
As an introduction and motivation to hone your reading interest, I would like to invite you to read first rita banerji's heartbreaking story about 17-year old Roopa for you to fully comprehend "Dowry" well. Thank you.
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Dhanaulti is beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand at a distance of 80 Kms fro Dehradun to enjoy the summer vacations
There are lot of Temples in India in which five are famous, they are Konark Sun temple, Somnath temple, Tanjavur temple, Sanchi stupas and Golden temple
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