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The acts of a country affect the rest of the world, more or less, every time a certain event takes place, all eyes are set on it. Brexit is one of the biggest and most unexpected changes that took place lately and we can say that it definitely affects many international parties.
Are you ready to travel? Well you may think you are ready for that international trip, but the immigration official may have different ideas. Here are several reason why you will no get let into the country of your destination.
There are many aspiring students wishing to enter one of the prestigious educational institutions in the US. For this venture to be successful, you need to be able to know the processes and eligibility requirements for the US student Visa.
Foreign students want to study in USA because of the many globally competitive colleges and universities in the country. This will help ensure their future. But before you can study in the country, you need to be qualified first.
Even with the financial crisis that the country is facing, many still believe that finding work in the country is possible and can lead to many good things for them. However, working in US is not that simple. One has to have a valid US working visa in order to legally work in the coun...
This page is an introductory article for the E3 Visa, a specialized visa of the USA for Australian Professionals. This is an advantageous Visa category for the professionals of Australia who wish to work in the US.
Working in America? What are the Obstacles and options? This page aims to discuss the answers briefly.
Be sure to have an up to date photo in your passport. One day, you may need it.
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