eating on hills can be dangerous

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It is just a perfect picture for a shutterbug, a perfect painting for an artist, and a perfect melody in the silence for a musician. It’s purely a perfect beauty to a beholder.


Eating on hills at times can be dangerous.

Far from the hustle and bustle of city, far from the dusty but to the misty edge of Nandi hills, beautiful place to spend a weekend. A place worth tiring your bones driving miles, well sitting behind is of course not enervating if it’s a mesmerizing scenic beauty flaunting its hill top extract. Best part in the journey is 8-kilo meters curved roads that takes you up to the zenith of place where clouds mingle.
After the curves get ended there’s a walk of around ten minutes, which is destined to the Nandi temple, Nandi view and the hill segment named suicide point. Sounds adventurous right at least to me it was exciting and adventurous to visit such a place. We walked on the treads relishing the green sight unaware of something that was never thought something astonishing something that would throb our hearts to jump out of its place, something which was so sudden that we didn’t even got time to think what actually transpired with us. This incident inaugurated itself when we started our favorable walk towards the hills after covering few stair cases carved in the curvy road I felt little tiered so thought better to sit for sometime and reenergize by eating meanwhile my better half thought to do some photography so even I thought to take out my camera and capture the scenic beauty while searching for camera in my handbag my hands felt the chocolates inside after some browsing I ended with picking a Choco pie with a mouth watering sneak I picked it out and fumbled a bite and offered to my husband too and then I continued to enjoy my chocolate filled morsels without having even slightest idea that my peaceful delight was soon going to be conquered in the hills of Nandi. A jump and a scratching sound my hubby and me too jumped from our place with that sound, it was Mr. Monkey posing to attack us. Before we could defend ourselves he was ready to jump on us my mate tried to scare him throwing bag and act of banging I even threw a bottle with few seconds chase and move session I realized what was he after, he wanted my chocolate poor hungry creep or naughty monkey what should I call him. The very next second of my realization I threw my chocolate on him and we both thought better to run away and we did same laughing hard. We didn’t even dare to turn back and look behind. That was simply terrifying and incredible at the same time. But the very incident didn’t stop us and unremitting our journey we reached our destination. The nandi temple and then the nandi view followed by the most awaited one suicide point where clouds arise down from the heaven to a heaven. Truly it’s not less than a heaven, high hills, surrounding greenery, soothing weather, misty mildness, divine silence and a mesmerizing sunset. It is just a perfect picture for a shutterbug, a perfect painting for an artist, and a perfect melody in the silence for a musician. It’s purely a perfect beauty to a beholder.

Divya Sharma Pandey.


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17th Jul 2013 (#)

yes the simians are a huge risk they get attracted by eatables most hill temples they have the real fun while pilgrims fly in

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author avatar divyapandey
17th Jul 2013 (#)

hi, thanks for the comment,
ya actually they are frightning

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Jul 2013 (#)

You are lucky Divya as people have lost more - their spectacles, even handbags to monkeys - siva

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