Wonder of India: Goddess in the Form of Female Genital Organ

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There are many wonderful destinations in India. India is famous for large number of people who are idol-worshipers. Gods and goddesses are worshiped in this part of the world. Kamakhya is one of the goddesses worshiped. This article is to describe the site of goddess Kamakhya which is in Assam, one of the north-eastern states.

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Wonder of India: Goddess in the Form of Female Genital Organ
brotee mukhopadhyay

The Hindus in India worship many gods and goddesses. You may find them in different shapes. One of the goddesses is really peculiar. She has been given a shape of a female genital organ. This article is to introduce her with the readers.

Her name is Kamakhya:
Her name is Kamakhya. The term ‘Kamakhya’ may be disjoined as Kama + akhya. Kama means desire. In this case it will be sexual desire. Akhya means title. There is a possibility that originally the word was Kamakamkhya. Kamakamkhya may be disjoined as Rama + akamkhya. Now the word Kama stands definitely for sex as akamkhya means desire.

The site of the temple of this goddess is situated on the Nilanchal Hill which is at a distance of 8 km from the town called Guwahati. Guwahati is an important place and was once the capital of Assam. Thus the site of Kamakhya temple lies in the north-eastern region of India.

Mythological Background:
There is an interesting story regarding the temple of Kamakhya. Shiva is one of the three major gods when the other two are Brahma and Vishnu. Sati is his wife. King Daksha is Sati’s father and he does not like his son–in-law. Once the king conducts a sacrificial rite in which he invites all the gods and goddesses save Shiva. He does this just to humiliate him. When Sati comes to attend the rite her father begins to use foul languages against his son-in-law. Sati is seriously insulted and she takes recourse to self-immolation which Shiva chances to learn in his meditation. He becomes angry and hastily arrives at the site of the sacrificial rites. He makes a mess of everything in Daksha’s program and begins to dance carrying Sati on his shoulder. It is the dance of destruction of the universe. Vishnu becomes smart to stop this dance and he hurls his chakra, a disc-shaped weapon with sharp serrated edge, towards the body of Sati to cut her into pieces in order to force and resist Shiva from continuing his dance. The pieces of the body of Sati fall in 51 places of India and each place begins to be considered as temple of Sati in different names. The genital part of Sati falls near Guwahati. This story is from the Indian mythology and the Hindus in general do not disbelieve this.

A Female Genital as a goddess:
A black cylindrical stone (sometimes white too) is worshiped as the symbol of the phallus of Shiva in different parts of India. But it is not just the phallus. The presence of the female genital part is also prominent there. The phallus appears to have come out from inside the earth and it leaves a manifestation of the design of copulation. Such is the shape of the symbol of Shiva in thousands of temples all over India. In the religious calendar of the Hindus there is a special day of ‘Shiva Ratri’ in every early spring when women fast and go to the temples to pour milk on the head of such symbol of Shiva.
You will find the design of a feminine genital as a symbol of the goddess Kamakhya and it is called yoni in Sanskrit language. The shrine is in a mysterious dark chamber where you will have to go down following some flight of steps.

Kamakhya as a 16 years old woman:
But the goddess Kamakhya has another image as an idol. Here she is a 16 years old woman. She has one dozen of arms and half of a dozen of colored heads. She wears a red saree and she has no dearth of ornaments and red flowers (hibiscus). She holds arms like trident, sword, bow, arrow, bell, discuss, club, goad and shield in ten of her hands and a lotus and two bowls in the other three hands. Dead body of Shiva is rested upon a lion and from his navel a lotus has sprouted and the goddess Kamakhya sits upon this lotus.

Menstruation of the goddess!
There is one more event that will surprise you most. It is the menstruation of the goddess Kamakhya. Every year sometimes between September and October the temple of Kamakhya celebrates festival of fertility for three consecutive days when the temple remains closed. Nevertheless, thousands of pilgrims visit the temple to attend the festival.

Injury on the temple:
The temple of Kamakhya is very old although it is difficult to learn how old it is. The temple was attacked by the Muslim invaders once or twice and it was reconstructed in 1665 by the Cooch king Nar Narayan.

Best between 1) February and June 2) September-October

The Spot:
By Flight:
From Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi there are regular flight to Guwahati.
By Rail:
Indian Railway provides some important trains from Kolkata, Delhi and Thiruwanathapuram regularly.

3/4/5 star hotels are available in Guwahati which is the main center of trade and commerce in the north-eastern region of India.


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Kemon Achchen Dada?or should I wrtie-Kee Rokom Asse?very beautifully done article on Devi Kamakhya.My best wishes.

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Very interesting subject.

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Good and informative.
Most of the people who visited this place even do not know this information.

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