Will You Still Be Able to Travel and Work in the UK After Brexit?

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The acts of a country affect the rest of the world, more or less, every time a certain event takes place, all eyes are set on it. Brexit is one of the biggest and most unexpected changes that took place lately and we can say that it definitely affects many international parties.

Traveling Legislation

In 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union and Brexit was triggered. In the same time Europe, and not only, was invaded by a great uncertainty regarding various domains. Since the UK is a popular destination for tourists and people who are looking for a job, the main fears were related to the traveling legislation and also the one regarding the freedom of work.

Results Of The Negotiations

Brexit has triggered negotiations in many domains, since the majority of treaties between the UK and the European Union need to be discussed. However, we will not know the final form of the entire new legislation until the year of 2019. Theresa May has published a 15 page proposal, in which she announced the two years transition date.
Until the 29th of March 2019, the UK will still remain a member of the European Union. Regarding the rules that will apply to that date, the UK will respect all the signed treaties and legislation, just as before article 50 was triggered.

Free Movement

So far, citizens could travel in Europe without visas under the free movement EU laws, which was very convenient and facilitated immigration. At present, it is not certain how things will change regarding travelling. However, Theresa May has stated that the UK is considering granting free movement for tourists, but nothing is official yet.

Settled Status

After the Brexit vote, many foreigners who were already living in the UK were worried about their fate, whether they will still be allowed to live and work there. Fortunately, according to Theresa May, EU nationals will have the opportunity to apply for “settled status” after five years of legal residency. Thus, they will later be able to apply for British citizenship, which comes with all its benefits. To apply for the “settled status”, a five year continuous residency is necessary. For example, you can apply for an Ancestry Visa for the UK. If you have a grandparent born in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, then you are eligible. After living in the UK for 5 years, a successful Ancestry visa applicant can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

New Work Related Policies

It is very difficult to say how will the work requirements change. Voices have said that there will be a new system which will release a limited number of work permits for EU workers in various employments sectors. Workers will have to comply with the new migration restrictions which gives the government the ability to control the number of foreign workers. However, this does not mean that foreigners won’t be allowed to work at all in the UK, but there will be more rules to follow in order to be eligible.

Final Thoughts

Although Brexit might bring more regulation regarding work and travel, people should not be discouraged by them. The UK will still hold opportunities and remain the same wonderful country. The United Kingdom’s leave from the EU does not mean the country is going to close all its doors. What is certain is that there are many ways in which EU citizens can travel, work and study in the UK and not give up their plans.


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