Why Stay at a Bed-and-Breakfast?

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This article covers the advantages of bed-and-breakfasts.

Why Stay at a Bed-and-Breakfast?

The bed-and-breakfast is a type of smaller accommodation option that are distinct from hotels. They are accommodation that provides many similar amenities, plus breakfast, although most will not have any further dining options. Most bed-and-breakfasts are also smaller than hotels, and typically may provide six rooms with various numbers of beds. Overall, the bed-and-breakfast is accommodation that has advantages and disadvantages.

As mentioned, the bed-and-breakfast has a reasonable variety of amenities. Most will include en-suite rooms with bathrooms, just like hotels. Likewise, they will provide towels, soap etc. Bed-and-breakfast rooms will also likely have tea and coffee, biscuits, TV, and perhaps also wi-fi. Some can also have TV lounges, bars, and gardens. So, with these amenities their bedrooms will be comparable to more basic hotel rooms.

Therefore, bed-and-breakfasts can be a good alternatives to hotels. Certainly, they will not likely include some of the amenities of the higher resources hotels with pools, gyms, etc. However, they will likely have all the standard amenities.

Best of all is the fact that bed and breakfasts have lower average rates than hotels. Bed-and-breakfasts are usually less than alternative hotels. A number of bed-and-breakfasts will have rates lower than $75 an evening.

The breakfasts at some bed-and-breakfasts can also be very good. These can vary a bit, but the best will provide some variety of cooked breakfasts as well cereals. English bed-and-breakfasts often have some great and very traditional English cooked breakfasts which include sausages, bacon, scrambled egg, mushrooms, and tomatoes. So in this respect they can also match and even eclipse hotel breakfasts.

It should also be noted that like hotels, bed-and-breakfasts are given star ratings. In terms of scale, these are just the same as the hotels with 1 – 5 stars given. Of course, they are not directly compared to hotels, but the stars still give some good indication of the bed-and-breakfast's amenities and services. More specific tourist awards are also given to some bed-and-breakfasts.

So, the bed-and-breakfasts are usually good budget accommodation options for those preferring to have something more for their holidays. Most have all the basic amenities included with hotels, some have great breakfasts, and like hotels bed-and-breakfasts also have starred ratings. In addition, most notable holiday destinations have bed-and-breakfasts which are well located.


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