Why Perth is Such a Pleasant Place to Live

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The city of Perth, Western Australia, is widely known as a relaxed and enjoyable place to live. This reputation is certainly justified due to several elements. These include its pleasant climate and booming economy, among others.

Perth People are Relaxed and Friendly

Many people in urban areas all over the world proudly describe their cites as friendly, warm and welcoming places. And they are often right. But I believe this characterization is particularly accurate when it comes to Perth.

It really does have a relaxed and easygoing vibe about it. There are various reasons for this. I think the main one is that Perth is such a spacious place. Sure, it's growing apace. But there is still more than enough room for anyone who comes to live in the city.

That cannot be said of the huge conurbation of Sydney, where I've also lived. There are hardly any empty areas left and new constructions tend to go upward, instead of outward. The place is crowded, noisy and smoggy. People are always in more of a rush, and a bit stressed out. That doesn't make them unfriendly. But they are just not as open as people in Perth. This difference is something that people who have lived in both cities do tend to notice and sometimes remark on.

Western Australia's Economy is Booming

Western Australia is a vast state with immense reserves of natural resources, mostly in its north. With the rise of China and India, there has been a huge demand for these raw materials. As a result the state has been experiencing an astonishing economic boom for several years straight, and there appears to be no end in sight.

Although most of the resulting jobs are located in these regional areas, the state's capital also benefits greatly. As well as many big companies locating their management centers in Perth, a high percentage of the mostly young mine employees still live there. They are "fly-in, fly-out" workers who earn big money up north, then spend a fair proportion of it back home enjoying their time off. With all this money flowing around, there is a generally higher demand for employment than in most other Aussie cities.

Perth Has a Great Climate

Perth's climate surely has to be one of its most attractive features. It has long, hot, and generally dry summers with very little cloud cover. (Look at my Perth blog and you'll see from the photos how clear and blue the sky is.)

This weather is perfect for going to the beach. And that's something that Perth people really love to do. Beaches such as Cottesloe and Scarborough are routinely packed over the Christmas holidays. (That said, there were several highly publicized shark attacks and sightings in late 2011. These have have left Perth people a bit less relaxed about beach-going than they were in years past!)

Sydney has a sunny, outdoor lifestyle as well. But there the beaches are often overcrowded, and usually take a bit of time to get to. The water, while generally not polluted, is not that clean either.

In Perth, however, the water is crystal clear. Not only is there more space to sunbathe on the long white beaches, there is still far more space for parking as well.

While summer in Perth is a highlight, the climate is pleasant the rest of the year as well. In winter it doesn't get that cold and wet -- although it certainly can bucket down from time to time. The winters are much milder than, say, Melbourne. In that city cloudy and often damp weather is the norm rather than the exception.

It's this mild "Mediterranean" climate, with many sunny days right through the year, that makes living in Perth so relaxing. You can enjoy the outdoors most days, and breathe the fresh, clean air. That's great for your health -- both physical and mental.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Jan 2012 (#)

I have visited Perth, Melbourne and Sydney and can attest to your views. Nice article -siva

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author avatar Val Mills
6th Apr 2012 (#)

I've long wanted to visit Perth, but the cost of a flight from New Zealand is huge, making other destinations more appealing. Without having been there, I agree, your views tend to reflect all those I know who have visited.

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author avatar Rose*
28th Nov 2013 (#)

I hope Perth stays unspoiled. As soon as everyone finds out about it, it'll change unless Perth puts in safeguards.

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