Why I'm Hooked on Cruising as a Vacation Option

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Cruising is an enjoyable and economical way of having an enjoyable vacation or holiday. Here are some of the reasons why I'm hooked on cruising.

Vacations and Holidays Should be Relaxing

It seems to be a sign of the times, that we come back from a holiday tired and needing a rest. We've tried to cram too much inot our short break and haven't allowed ourselves time to recharge our batteries. The major purpose of a holiday should be to relax, along with doing the things you enjoy.
My husband and I were late starters when it comes to travel. We didn't leave New Zealand shores until our 25th wedding anniversary. Then, and for many years to follow, we only ventured as far as Australia, telling ourselves it was all we could afford. It was more likely a case of not having the courage to take the next step.
Several years ago we decided to break out of our comfort zone. We tried something new and discovered a way to have an enjoyable and inexpensive holiday, while seeing new sights and trying new things.
We took our first cruise in 2008. Recently we came back from a cruise to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Like many others around the world, I am definitely hooked on cruising.

Cruising Allows a Quick Sampling of Destinations

Taking a holiday or vacation is becoming more expensive all the time. It's also more difficult to choose where to go now, with so many options appearing to tempt us all the time. For those of us on limited travel or holiday budgets, there's the need to choose wisely.
For our most recent cruise we decided it was time to sample Asian culture, as South East Asian countries are not too far from New Zealand and affordable. This may be the only time we venture to this part of the world, so that was one of the deciding factors in choosing to book a cruise from Singapore up through Malaysia to Phuket in Thailand and back to Singapore. This gave a quick sample of four shore destinations in Malaysia and Thailand, as well as spending some time in Singapore.
What better way to travel so far and get a glimpse of new cultures, than to be able to relax on board a cruise ship over night, travelling in comfort and style to the next destination. To cover the same distance any other way would involve the extra costs of flights, land travel and accommodation.
I agree, a cruise trip does not allow time to get to know any of the destinations in depth, but if variety is what you are after, this is definitely the way to go.

Cruising is Economical with No Hidden Costs

One of the things we like about cruising is that there are no hidden costs. You've paid for most of your holiday before you leave. Your accommodation, travel, eating and even entertainment costs are included as part of your cruise.
There are some things that are optional extras that you can take part in, such as select restaurants, alcohol and some entertainment and additional pleasures. You also pay if you choose to go on a guided shore trip, but these are not compulsory excursions. You know about these things before you depart and so can choose whether or not to budget for them as extras.

No Driving, No Constant Unpacking, Simply Enjoyment

One of the tiring things about holidays is often the travel from place to place. There are ways of getting around this, such as flying or sharing the driving, but the travel eats into your holiday time, often meaning more expense as you choose to be away from home longer to fit ewverything in.
In most cases, a cruise ship carries you off to your next destination at night, while you are eating, sleeping or dancing the night away. There's not much you can see at night out at sea, so you don't miss seeing any of the sights along the way.
Then, you wake up refreshed in the morning, coming into a new port, excited about the new sights you'll see.
And you don't have to live out of a suitcase or pack up everything before you move on to the next destination. it's all there for you, in your cabin, ready for you to use whenever you need it.

Allow Yourself to be Pampered

There are many other benefits to cruising. If, like me, you enjoy being pampered and having the crew look after most of your needs, these are reasons enough for to take a cruise ship vacation.Forget about cooking meals or making beds, it's all done for you. Even deciding what to do can be difficult at times on holiday, but on a cruise ship there's always help at hand to help you plan your day in a way you'll enjoy.
The friendly and helpful crew members from so many different countries will make your holiday an enjoyable one.
If you haven't tried cruising yet, why not give it some thought. With so many ships and so many destinations you're bound to find a cruise that suits your financial and time budgets.
Right now, I'm off to the travel agent to pick up some brochures she's put together, so we can start planning our 2012 cruise vacation.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
3rd Jul 2011 (#)

I have not been on a cruise myself but sign me up for Elephant riding!

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author avatar satan fury
3rd Jul 2011 (#)

Cruising is definitely one of the most relaxing and pleasant vacations you will ever have. Those are very lovely pictures. Congratulations again on your wedding anniversary. I think I did read about your travel plans a while back on Triond. A very interesting share.
marlene/ triond.

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author avatar Retired
3rd Jul 2011 (#)

I've never been on a cruise but have been considering it lately. Thank you for your passing on your experience and reasoning. You may have just convinced me!

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author avatar Val Mills
3rd Jul 2011 (#)

Elaine, we're already considering options for our next cruise in 2012!

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author avatar Pink&Blue
3rd Jul 2011 (#)

Wow ! This look fantastic I wish i could someday...

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author avatar Denise O
3rd Jul 2011 (#)

Val, you make me want to grab my floaties and climb aboard. I just love the pictures, you look marvelous and so darn relaxed. What a wonderful read, I am so happy for you and your hubby. Congrats on the star page, it is well deserved. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Songbird B
3rd Jul 2011 (#)

A great Star Page, Val, and so good to have you back with us again...This is a great article, and though I have never been on a Cruise before, you make this sound pure bliss...

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author avatar Starpisces
5th Jul 2011 (#)

Hi Val, drop by here to pay you a visit.
I hope we can go cruise together one day, it's very relaxing.

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author avatar Retired
5th Jul 2011 (#)

You've convinced me on cruise ship travel...it is now my goal to go on a cruise...thanks for the share.....

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author avatar J A Ridley
8th Jul 2011 (#)

Great information on cruising, thanks

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