What to Pack for Kids for a Weekend Beach Trip

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For a family vacation nothing beats the beach. With the sun, sea and sand top beaches can become packed with tourists during the summer months. Overall, there are a few things that should be packed for kids when taking a weekend trip to the seaside.

What to Pack for Kids for a Weekend Beach Trip

Firstly, always take some sun cream. On especially warm days this will provide some protection from the sun rays. So, take some sun cream and sun lotion to prevent sunburn.

In this respect, consider bringing some sun hats as well. Sun hats and caps can also provide some protection and protect against sunburn.

Some beach shoes are also good to have. Not all beaches are covered in sand, and some include lots of pebbles and more rocky areas. Broken glass can also emerge on beaches from left over glass bottles and litter. As such, it is worth taking some beach shoes to the beach as well.

Also take some pop, and perhaps your own water bottles to the beach. On very warm days a good amount of pop and water will be required to drink. Even if the weather is not so warm, some pop and water bottles will still be good to have. It is also worth bringing some snacks along to the beach.

Aside from this, no trip to the beach would be complete without a bucket and spade! The bucket will be needed for shaping sand castles, and these can come in various shapes. Then, a spade is also needed for digging the sand around sand castles. With these some great sand castles can then be crafted.

For those planning on taking a swim, then bathing suits will also be needed. In addition to this, a good number of beach towels will also be required. Water inflatables may also be good to have and are good for those that aren't brilliant swimmers.

For a spot of beach soccer bring a beach ball along. Beach balls should not be like the leather ball alternatives, but be lighter weight balls. In this respect, plastic soccer balls are suitable. Balls can also be good for volleyball.

A good Frisbee is also something worth taking to the beach. Frisbees can be thrown across the beach for a bit of beach Frisbee.

So, all this would be good to pack for children when visiting the beach. Sun cream, bathing suits, Frisbee, beach balls, water inflatable, pop and water bottles, snacks, towels, beach shoes, sun hats and the bucket and spade should be enough for a weekend beach trip. This can then be put in a suitable beach storage box.


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