What is Attack Helicopter in Modern War

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TThe attack is the latest concept in war. It is like airborne artillery and can be decisive in war in a tactical scenario

The force multiplier

Many people wonder what exactly is an attack helicopter. Before we discuss this we must understand the theory of Air Power as propounded by Guillo Douhet, an Italian General. Douhet stated that no victory is pssible in modern war, without a ' favorable air situation'. By this he meant that air power is the deciding factor in modern war. Douhet was of the view that a war could be won just by strategic bombardment. Douhet's theories have been modified over time as we know that strategic bombardment alone cannot win a war and other elements of air power are essential.
One of the developments of Douhet is the use of airpower in Tactical battle. This means a battle fought on the ground in a limited area. It has now been proved that a favorable air situation is most essential in a local conflict. The army that can call into action air power in a local or tactical conflict will win. One of the exponents of this type of air power is the 'Attack Helicopter'.
The attack helicopter is a armor plated helicopter that is armed with weapons that can give support to troops on the ground. This is referred to as 'Close air Support'. Such helicopters have a thicker armor to witstand enemy gunfire. These helicopters will carry rapid fire machine guns and rockets. Both these types of armaments are manned by the pilot himself.
The attack helicopter will fly low and be in contact with troops on the ground. The pilot will be guided by information relayed to him in real time. An attack helicopter is a deadly weapon but its highly vulnerable to enemy fire. Its biggest danger is from shoulder fired missiles that can destroy a helicopter in seconds. Thus the advanced attack helicopters are fitted with ECM( electronic counter measures) to ward off such attacks. Still in battle conditions the attrition rate is high and an army to win a tactical battle must be able to sustain these losses.
The attack helicopter is now a part of modern war and many models are available. Most of the products are from Russia and the USA.


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author avatar Delicia Powers
17th Feb 2013 (#)

A very informative article Madan...

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18th Feb 2013 (#)

Some of the countries, notably United States are always at the forefront of developing such weapons, much ahead of others.

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