What can Nevada do to improve their state

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NV is a great state but it's not perfect. There are things that can make them better.

What can NV do

Change their labor laws

Nevada labor laws are making people unemployed. It makes it harder for people to qualify for jobs. I live in a great state with great labor laws prior to moving here so I know why it's hard for people to find work here and hence that's why NV has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. With so many jobs, why are we unemployed.
It's because big employers are doing everything they can to keep employees from being able to qualify for work. They're adding more and more restrictions
to make it impossible for people to find jobs. People rely on good labor laws to ease them into finding work.

It's ashamed here that employers are making people go on 6 jobs interviews before they can get a job, but even at your 6th job interview, you
might not get it. Oh, what ashamed this is. NV has this labor law called the right to work state, where employers can fire you without any reasons at all.
You can also quit without any reasons. I think it protects employers and we all need protection but it's so hard when employees work so hard
just to get in the door, invest their time, money, energy, hope just to get punk around cause some big boss have nothing better to do but to harass their employees. Yes, it's crazy here but I feel that the labor laws need some changing.

In CA, employers have to have solid reasons before they fire an employee, like the employee conducted themselves poorly, or did a misconduct, or a crime, or fail to show up to work or do their job adequately. They can't just fire someone just cause they don't like them. It doesn't work that way in CA, so employees are very
protected but that's not the case in NV. You get toss around like a meatball here. Employers here are so disrespectful, and if people are from Vegas, they will tell you that it's all true.

Employers here can fire you for no reason at all. If you were terminated and ask for a reason, they say they don't have to tell you, after you spend months training, and testing, and trying to get along with everyone and making plans, they start to toss you around. I feel such laws are unfair, and it allowed employers, who has all the power
to bully the weaker employees. I hope that congress here make some changes so that employees are more protected rather than getting punk around like we do here.
We are wasting our time, money and energy on these big casinos, when they just see us as a number. We don't appreciate the way casinos toss us around here.

What else they can do to improve the state

Lower on their background checks

They should give their rigorous background checks a rest. I feel that it's a requirement and it's important but you don't have to run like 20 different
kind of background on people. They do run as many as 20 different kind of background on you. They run your criminal background, credit check, college, employers, friends, references, test your skills and so much more just for a $10 job. It's just a waste of time sometimes I think. You would go through so much scrutiny for nothing.

I feel like a background check of criminal background is enough for low paying jobs. Unless you pay people $15 or more, you should not run so much background on them
since you're not reciprocating them anything worthy. How come big business owners who owes millions don't get their credit check when we have to
decide whether we want to work for them or not, since we can be working for criminal and we do

Who has good credit nowadays anyways. Just because someone owes money, it doesn't make them a thief, cause start up business owners owe tons of loans, but yet
people think of them as heroes. All heroes doesn't come with tons of million of dollars, so why look at someone who owes couple of grand as a thief or as someone
who has low character.

Follow federal laws

Nevada put so much scrutiny on employees but they themselves don't follow any federal laws at all. They broke so many federal laws, and if there
was an attorney in town who love class action lawsuits like the ones in other states, they would be the wealthiest people ever.
Literally, lawyers can sue all these big casinos for not following federal laws like asking for people to look like models in order to serve burgers, its just insulting.
Hello, look like a model to serve burger, we can model for more money and fame instead. They would ask for your photos or age online, against the laws, discriminate against
looks, age, and everything else. This doesn't happen in other state.
NV employers don't follow federal laws so why should we have to follow them when we work for them. Here, you have to suck up to the big boss or else you're not getting all
the schedule that you need.

Open up more parking lots

It's so hard to find parkings on the strips or when there's a show. They should do something about that, like builds more structures for parking.
It's a pain to drive around the strip. I hope that they build more parking lots around here. You could be waiting like two hours just to find parking or
just to get out of the parking lot when there is a show.

One job interview only

It takes about six jobs interview here sometimes just to get the job.
I'm sure management have enough brain to see who's a good fit in their initial interview.
A second interview is the most that a person has to go through, since the second meeting could be with the GM,
and that could satisfy the requirements. Why waste everyone's time and energy and in the end get no results.
You have to pay the person to take the time out to interview people so just do it all in once. Have your secretary schedule the interview
with the person for as long as you need and make your decision there. Don't have them run around, since they could be
getting jobs elsewhere while they wait for you.


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