What To Do In Plain City, Ohio

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The village of Plain City, Ohio is not as boring as it may look. Here is a list of things to do in the small town of Plain City, Ohio.

Attractions of Plain City

When just driving through, you would probably not think much of this small town. There seems to be nothing exciting going on, nor are there any riveting attractions. But while it may not be the most exciting place in the country, the local residents know it to be a charming area with its share of things to do. So for either the traveler stopping in here, or a new resident unfamiliar with their surroundings, I have compiled a small list of some of the highlights of Plain City, Ohio. (And since I am a guy, most of them involve food)


The Der Dutchman: Probably the most famous attraction in Plain City is the Der Dutchman Restaurant. Located on Rt. 42, just across the street from the Shell Gas Station, it is impossible to miss. They are most famous for their fried chicken, which people drive for literally hours to taste. And the chicken is just one of the many home-made foods feature on their all-you-can-eat buffet. In addition to the buffet is a full menu.
The Der Dutchman Bakery is also a favorite with the locals. Some of its most popular items are the pastries and pies that are baked fresh every day. Another hit is the date nut pudding, when it’s in season. A coffee shop that offers some amazing frozen cappuccinos also resides in the bakery.
Carlisle Gifts is attached to the Der Dutchman Restaurant and displays a broad range of gifts and home décor items. It is a convenient stop while waiting for a table on a busy Friday night at the Der Dutchman Restaurant.

The Cheese House: Located on Rt. 42 just about three miles south of Main Street, the Cheese House is a unique shop where you can find cheese (no kidding), meat, and dried fruits, just to name a few of the variety of locally made foods. Most of their products come from nearby farms. They also serve the best ice cream around (in this author’s opinion) and have a small restaurant.

Yutzy’s Farm Market: The local farmers market is just down the street from the Cheese House on Converse Huff Rd.

The Eskimo Queen: On Main Street, the Eskimo Queen offers a large variety of soft serve ice cream as well as sandwiches and fries.

Dings ‘N Dents Grocery Outlet: Dings ‘N Dents is on Gay St. just behind the post office. It offers discount groceries obtained from overstocked stores or liquidated, as well as some that are a little beat up.


Plain City Lanes: A family operated bowling alley that serves great pizza. Located on Rt. 42 right beside the Der Dutchman Restaurant.

Pastime Park: The Pastime Park of Plain City, just behind the Old Middle school on Main St., is a good place to relax, go for a walk, or camp out overnight. Various festivals are held here, the most famous one being the annual Steam Thresher show where steam engines and modern tractors alike are shown off, along with various wares brought by the vendors.

Amish Furniture: Millers Amish Furniture sells quality furniture that has the quality expected in Amish made products.

Biking: There are numerous roads that make for a beautiful bike ride in the country. A trip down Lafayette-Plain City Rd. to Converse Huff Rd., Amish Pike, and a web of other roads leading through the beautiful farm country. An old railroad track converted to a bike trail also stretches from Old Hilliard to Plain City, a length of about six (6) miles.

Library: The local library on Main St. is a small place, but has a surprisingly large variety of materials. A friendly staff and comfortable environment make it an ideal place to relax and browse through magazines and books.

Auction: The Plain City auction is a great place to find deals and get acquainted with the locals. Auctions are held every month just beside the clock tower on Main St.


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