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There are useful things you should know if you're thinking about visiting Buenos Aires for the first time. Here you have basic information you must never take for granted.

10 basic things you should know about the city

Buenos Aires is one of the biggest and most attractive cities in South America which is really worth visiting, but as Argentinian myself I would like you to know some of the very important things to take into account.

1. If it is your first visit to Buenos Aires, you are bound to visit places like San Telmo, La Boca, Florida Street, etc. so, there are many cunning people who are very clever to make up stories in order to get money from you. They are really convincing and creative so be aware and never trust anybody on the street. And above all, never exchange money nowhere but in an official exchange office.
2. When going out try not to draw the attention to yourself very much. Tourists are really easy to spot because they always carry cameras on their necks or shoulders, wear jewells and so on. Many thieves are fast and not all of them know if your jewells are valuable or not, so avoid a bad moment and don't wear them at all. Most of the hotels have security boxes, use them even for your passport as it's really rare that tourists will be stopped by a police asking for their papers.
3. When taking the subway you must know that there is the pickpocketers empire, so be careful and avoid rush hours.
4. Try to get information about taxi fees before taking them because taxi drivers are famous for charging more to tourist. Don't hesitate to ask the driver how much a trip would cost before hand. It is better if you always take the taxi at a taxi stop or ask the hotel receptionist to call one for you as there are many "fake" taxis going around. Believe it or not "Remises", a rented car with a driver, are usually cheaper than taxis.
5. If you are hiring a car be careful about the places you drive . It is always better to have a GPS or a well known map with the risky places marked. An Argentinian friend who lives in Buenos Aires would be ideal! This specially applies when driving at night.
6. If you are in the city center you can call the 101 to ask for police assistance or 107 for an ambulance. If you are at the outskirt you can call 911.
7. If you are travelling as a backpacker you have plenty of hostels to stay but try to be as near as the city center as possible or you'll spend more money in trains and buses than in staying in a little more expensive place.
8. In Argentina people have dinner at about 9 pm or later so if you go to a restaurant in a non touristic point be aware of this as 7 pm could be rather early to get served.
9. Argentinians are the worst drivers ever seen so don't just trust traffic lights or one hand avenues. You always must watch your step when crossing the street or catching buses. When driving, it is the same thing since pedestrians not always use the corner or padestrians lines to cross the street.
10. Although all these tips may sound discouraging, don't miss visiting this beautiful city. You wont regret it!. Remember that if you want to experience a real "Asado" (Argentinian main dish) you should visit a "Estancia", a kind of rural house, where you can get in one or two hours by bus or car.


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23rd Jul 2010 (#)

It will be a while before I get to visit, but thanks for the info.

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