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With the country's communist government existence, the second largest city of China remains strong and intact in terms of economy and tourism expansion. The pure culture of all Chinese people living in the world provides such observance within this city's district.

Traced from another Chinese term called Peking, Beijing is a popular place because of its beautiful palaces, temples, and huge stone walls and gates.

Also, art treasures and universities have long made the city as China's cultural center .
In the present, the city is being part of the special municipal district by which it consists of the central city, called the old city- a place containing series of suburbs; and farmland and beyond. Central city has also 2 divisions, the Inner City and the Outer City.
The Forbidden City and the Imperial city lie within the inner city. The Forbidden City includes palaces of former Chinese emperors while the Imperial City describes and covers the Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tiananmen). This gate lines parades and firework displays that takes place everytime a national holiday comes.

Take a read at the following famous historic landmarks of China:
1. Beihai Lake- one of three imperial lakes in the center of Beijing, a beautifully landscaped park with temples and pavilions that surrounds the lake.
2. The Great Wall of China-hailed to be the largest structure ever built. Construction was done during the 400's BC and was continued on the A.D. 1600's
3. The Summer Palace- It is considered to be the summer residence of many emperors. The place showcases a number of pavilions, a large lake, and a covered path with paintings of historical and fictional Chinese scenes.
4. The Great Red Gateway- is the home of many Emperor Tombs. The area holds 13 tombs and only the tomb of Emperor Wan Li, who ruled from 1572 to 1620, has been excavated.
5. The Temple of Heaven- the most famous temple in China that entails ceremonial buildings grouped inside a walled park. The architectural wonder of the temple is a structure built entirely of wood and without nails.

Experience Chinese history, experience China

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Great post, gs. Very informative.

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informative indeed

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