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My vacation in my home town of Sandusky, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie where one can get a view of Cedar Point was full of surprises, fireworks and even a visit from president Obama!

Day One Wednesday July 4th

My husband and I spent the day visiting my 92 year old Dad in my home town of Sandusky, Ohio. Sandusky has become a great tourist attraction since I moved to the metropolitan Cleveland area. It is now famous for Cedar Point, Lake Erie, and Kalahari! On July 4th we drove from my Dad’s house to the waterfront where Sandusky residents camp out for hours to get a view of Cedar Point and their world famous fireworks display. I was able to take a photo of Cedar Point from Shoreline Park in Sandusky but when we arrived at 9:45 to see the fireworks display we found out that due to rain it had been postponed until 11:30PM. My husband did not want to wait for the fireworks because his car was stalling and he was afraid of getting back to my Dad’s too late. Plus we had to drive through an area of town that was overrun by hundreds of residents shooting off their own fireworks.

Day Two Thursday July 5th

I forgot to mention that the night before leaving for Sandusky on July 4th I had only gotten 2 hours sleep. I was too excited to sleep!! I got through the first day with no problem and ended up going to bed around midnight and getting up at the crack of dawn. On July 5th after my husband went back home, Dad and I drove to Shoreline Park again to take our morning walk! We spotted two fishermen on the way out of the park with a stringer full of fish. I asked them if I could take their picture and they were delighted.

Obama’s visit to Sandusky

After our morning walk we found out that Obama was scheduled to visit at 3:40 PM in the Gazebo in Washington Park. Wow! What a feeling! This is the first time since President Truman that a president visited Sandusky, Ohio. The area was tightly secured within a two block radius and there were empty school busses lined up to block any would be sniper’s view of the president. Police from the surrounding counties, a border patrol van and a helicopter above made sure everyone was safe. Dad and I walked down Washington Avenue and talked to the police officer where the road block was set up. The officer was very polite and told us that the only people who could listen to Obama’s speech would be those who had tickets. If you want more details regarding Obama’s “Betting on America Bus Tour” stop in Sandusky you can click on this link!

Sandusky Art Walk

After taking pictures of the surrounding area Dad and I went home to catch supper then later went out again to attend Sandusky’s Art walk and talk to my cousin Gary who had a watercolor display. I was told by the director that I could have an exhibit with my poems. I thought that it would be a good idea to print my poems on the same page as a photograph I had taken of wildlife or flowers. I am thinking pretty seriously about doing this along with finishing my music CD.

I was not only bummed out all day because I had missed the fireworks display at Cedar Point the night before but I was also feeling a bit low because we could not get close enough to get a picture of Obama. What a big day this was for us! I was really ready to hit the hay at around 10:00PM. By the way my Dad is very much regimented even to a fault. He believes that one must always go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time no matter what. Oh, how I wish I could get his regimented schedule out of my head to just catch up on a little sleep. Well, anyway I was unbelievably tired after only 7 hours sleep in a 48 hour period of time. As soon as my head hit the pillow, low and behold I heard fireworks go off. Well, I had already missed Cedar point’s world famous fireworks display so I just put my earplugs in my ears and tried to drift off to sleep, but, to no avail. When I saw the sky light up I knew I didn’t want to miss the neighbor’s fireworks display. I threw my clothes on, grabbed my video camera and rushed out back to catch a little more than a minute of fantastic fireworks. If you want to see this video you can click on this link!

Day Three Friday July 6th

Like clockwork on day three Dad and I took our morning walk!! After our walk we took a stroll down memory lane and Dad gave me a little bit of family history. Wow! It seems like every house in Sandusky was formerly occupied by a relative!!! After our tour, we went back to Shoreline Park so that I could take pictures of the flowers and Geese. Oh, while Dad’s regimented schedule is stuck in my head to prevent me from taking a nap, he ever so quietly dozes off during many of our conversations. Yet, he swears he never takes naps. I don’t have the heart to tell him that he naps on and off all day because if he knew that he would tell himself that he can’t sleep at night. Wow! What tricks the mind can play on us!!

When Mom was still alive she used to joke with me about Dad’s napping and we secretly laughed as he cat napped which I am sure is why he is still alive at 92. We took an oath never to tell Dad he was sleeping because then he would convince himself that he would not sleep at night. I sure do miss Mom!!! Oh and I even wrote on sleep deprivation!! I wonder why!!!

Day four Saturday July 6th

I begged Dad to let me stay home that day because I needed so desperately to practice my songs for the family reunion on Sunday and make a dish to bring to the reunion. I also needed time to write an article about president Obama’s stop in Sandusky, and categorize all my pictures. Wow! My dear Old Dad never stays home!!!

Day Five Sunday July 7th

The family reunion was so much fun but when it came to presenting my songs no one would stop talking. My brother played the mandolin and I sang and played the keyboard while everyone continued to talk oblivious to anything or anyone else. About an hour after I sang my cousin Darlene asked me if I would please sing for her. To that I replied I am all sung out! Well, she was just plain flabbergasted and sad that I could not sing again just for her.

To appease her on the way home from the reunion I stopped at Walmart and bought a package of blank CD’s. While visiting with my brother and his two sons I burned my songs from my computer onto two CD’s. After my nephews and their wives left we all went to visit my cousin Darlene and I gave her one of my CD’s. We visited her talking politics and religion (our favorite topics) until 12:00 midnight.

Day Six Monday July 8th

Dad, my brother Tom and I went on our morning walk to Shoreline Park where I got a chance to get some more pictures and videos. Afterwards Dad just had to take Brother Tom on the Tour of Sandusky to see all the houses that our ancestors/family lived in. I took another picture of the house Great Grandpa Degrande lived in upon arriving to America, and, relearned our family history all over again. One good thing is that I got a chance to talk about “feelings” with my fantastic and very educated brother! He really surprised me with his sensitivity!!

Day Seven Tuesday July 9th

I asked Brother Tom if we could please pray for my husband’s safety because I knew he was planning on driving straight to Sandusky after coming home from his grave yard shift in the morning. After our prayer I just plain could not hold back the tears!

The combination of worry about my husband Bob driving my car due to misfiring along with just plain missing him set my emotions at an all time high. Yes, and even a little bit of sleep deprivation entered into the picture too. Wow! All in all, it was a great week with plenty of opportunities to take pictures and, to top it off Obama’s visit was a total surprise!!


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th Jul 2012 (#)

I have been to Cedar Point many times as a kid. Not been to Sandusky though.

Great articles, I love reading about people's vacations.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Jul 2012 (#)

Very well shared Judy. Thanks for the pictures and the fireworks video. Love-filled family reunion bringing back memories dating back generations. You kept me riveted - siva

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
17th Jul 2012 (#)

Feeling like I was there and enjoying the small city, good people and good scenery and places to visit. Thank you Judy.

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author avatar Judy Ellen
17th Jul 2012 (#)

Thank you everyone for your comments! I will go back in September and hopefully do a better job of making videos.

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author avatar vpaulose
18th Jul 2012 (#)

Very nice dear Judy. I am sorry that I was away from writing. Please excuse me. I am a little better and that is why I could write today. Please pray for me.

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author avatar Judy Ellen
19th Jul 2012 (#)

I will definitely pray for you Vpaulose!! You have so much to offer as a writer as you are led by the Spirit of Christ!! God bless you!!!

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author avatar Delicia Powers
22nd Jul 2012 (#)

Very wonderful...:0)

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