VPN for Dubai. How to unblock websites in Dubia. Unblock Skype and VoIp in Dubai UAE.

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The best VPN for Dubai. Unblock sites in Dubai. How to select Dubai VPN. Unblock Skype and VoIP in UAE Dubai.

VPN for Dubai

Dubai today is the richest city in Asia. There is also an emirate in the United Arab Emirates with the same name and now it is the largest emirate in the UAE. Dubai is a global city and a business hub.

In the previous decades Dubai’s economy was build on the oil industry and today it gets the main revenue from tourism, real estate and financial services.

Nowadays Dubai is famous in the whole world for its fantastic innovative large buildings like World Trade Center, The Burj Al Arab (the luxury hotel in Dubai), Burj Khalifa – the tallest completed building, 23 Marina, Emirates Park Towers Hotel & Spa and many others.

Surely Dubai is very interesting place to visit for millions of international tourists. People who visit UAE are excited by Dubai’s amazing architecture but are also very disappointed by its Internet restrictions. Of course those who visit UAE only for pleasure and to see this wonderful city can deal a week without Internet. However for many modern people it is very important today to stay on-line to monitor business processes, stay in touch with family, friends or business partners. And for many Internet users it is absolutely unacceptable that many websites and web services are blocked in Dubai and UAE in whole.

How to unblock websites in Dubai?

Internet restrictions in UAE are not the reason to remove this country from the list of your travel. There are many easy solutions to unblock sites in Dubai and one of the best is VPN for Dubai.

Dubai VPN service is a vpn connection that lets to unblock sites in Dubai. VPN masks real IP address and UAE location that helps to bypass ip blocks.

Best vpn for Dubai

Selecting the best vpn for Dubai you must remember that you need to have a good Internet speed under the VPN for comfortable web surfing and it depends on your vpn server location. To unblock sites in Dubai it is better to select a vpn server that is cloth to you. However if you need US IP address for example to watch Hulu and Netflix outside the UAE, to play on-line games you should choose USA vpn server. So it depends only on your real needs and wishes.

Also you must keep in mind that many vpn services are blocked in UAE so if you are going to visit Dubai it is better to find a good VPN for Dubai before your trip.

Sure the price is one of the main criteria of your choice. Today an average price for a good vpn service is about 10$ for one month.

Before buying a vpn account it is better to test it. Most of vpn service providers offer free trial vpn account and ever it is not written on the site you are ask about this contacting vpn provider.
With VPN in Dubai you can unblock websites in UAE, unblock Skype and VoIP in Dubai.

Your VPN account will work not only in UAE but in any other country with strict Internet censorship like Saudi Arabia, Oman, China, Qatar, Kuwait, Belize and any others.

You can make a vpn tunnel from your PC, Mac, ipad, iPhone, xbox, and any other device that supports vpn technology.

If you have any questions, ideas or comments regarding Dubai VPN please let me know.


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author avatar Amira lamri
4th Jul 2012 (#)

j'ai eu mon bac la moyenne 15 la branche lettre et langue francais

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4th Jul 2012 (#)

pour étre journaliste

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author avatar Shahzad
21st Oct 2012 (#)

how vonage will work in dubai by using vpn service

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author avatar Sara
7th Oct 2013 (#)

cristina:Thanks for the recommendation, I also bought an account from saturnvpn.
everything is very good, price, support, servers, everything

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author avatar ALISHA
27th Mar 2014 (#)

I had the same problem when I moved to Dubai, I tried many ways and finally bought a vpn account, I works really well, and I can access all blocked websites, Before you pay for any proxy or VPN, ask for a free trial account, and if it works then pay for it.
You can try this, I bought it from this website.
Its really cheap and good( 1 month $3.3 , 3Months $7, 12 Months $16)and support all protocols

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