VPN for China or how to bypass Chinese Firewall and unblock sites

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Access blocked sites in China with secure vpn account. Bypass Chinese Firewall and unblock sites.

How to access blocked sites in China

Many countries in the world are hit by serious Web filtering, in which its government used to block some major sites. One of which is China, a lot of sites are restricted in the country. The government of China wanted to control everything in the Internet and they published special law regarding on it. Because of this problem foreign business people living in and traveling in China find a way to bypass internet censorship in the said country.

Internet filtering and various web blocks which is implemented in China is a serious matter. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, LiveJoutnal, many forums and a fortune others popular websites are seriously blocked by its Chinese Firewall. In order to bypass the internet restrictions in China you must change your real IP address. IP address is an Internet protocol address; this is usually indicates your location. Now, to change your real IP address for you to have access on the site that was restricted is that you must provide a VPN account. A vpn or virtual private network is secured tunnel that connect the users to the vpn server. In having vpn connection your real IP address which is Chinese IP address is can be hidden and instead of it the server will detect the other address. It can be USA, Canada, Europe or any other IP address and by this you can now bypass China’s proxy.

Numbers of people in China have tried also using proxy server but compare to vpn server, it is unreliable and slow. Another is that it doesn’t necessarily encrypt your connection while in vpn all the traffic is encrypted so it is impossible to track your on-line activity and know what you are doing in the Internet. Since the internet censorship in China is very serious then you must get really the professional vpn connection. Choose the one that has an uninterruptible support and provide solution whenever you face any problem. The basis on identifying what is the best vpn connection is through its quantity of servers they offer in different countries, high quality customer support, VPN features, and customer reviews. But for some users in China or in any other countries if your vpn connection provides or gives what you really need then you can say it is a perfect vpn server for you.

The most type of server used by many people and ranked as the most sell out is Hidemyass, ExpressVPN, StrongVPN and VyprVPN. VPN connection also is can be connected on any devices that you may have. Either Mac, PC, ipad, iphone, ipod touch, xbox 360, and many others as long it can supports its technology. Now as a recommendation better to get your own vpn account connection for you to have a perfect solution to bypass China’s Internet limitations.

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author avatar Anthony
10th Jan 2014 (#)

I've been using this VPN provider http://www.doublevpn.com/en/ for over a year and it always helps me access Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and all the other sites that may be blocked by your internet service provider. I can also download Torrents and hide my IP with this vpn. Highly recommended! :)

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author avatar Ann
15th Jun 2014 (#)

I am using vpn account to unblock websites ( http://vpn-account.com ) - a good service for affordable price.

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author avatar Miguel
18th Aug 2014 (#)

I have been using http://www.vpnaccounts.com it is reasonably fast and easy to use.

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