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How to use VPN on iPhone when you are in UAE. Why use VPN? How to make a vpn connection on iPhone?

Why use VPN on iPhone in UAE?

Today Iphone is really demanded gear. It is used by a great number of users around the world and UAE is not an exception. Surely it is almost impossible to imagine iPhone without Internet access.

We connect to the web for fun and for business. We read fresh news and watch useful and interesting videos, we talk to our friends and partners.

People use wi-fi networks in business offices and at homes. Mostly this is safe and secure. But what about your Internet privacy when you are connected to the global network via public wi-fi spots in cafes, hotels and other public places?

You must be aware that your personal and business data can be easily intercepted by hackers if you do not protect the Internet connection in your mobile device?

Personages concerned have all chances to steal your private and business data if you do not care about your Internet security!

All of us must think about on-line privacy and security.

VPN is the best decision for this question.

Virtual private network (VPN) protects all your data. All the traffic which is sent via the vpn channel is encrypted. Your IP address and geo location are hidden from everybody.

So vpn is a secured encrypted tunnel. With VPN Account your anonymity, safety and protection in the Internet are guaranteed!

Why use VPN on iPhone in UAE?

VPN is needful tool for Internet user but it is especially essential and indispensable for Internet users in the countries with Internet censorship like UAE. VPN in UAE helps to avoid Internet limits and restrictions and access any blocked website.

With VPN you can easily use Skype and Viber in UAE for communications your friends and business partners!

Why I cannot use free proxy ?

Surely you can use free proxy but there is no guarantee that you can bypass web filters in UAE. This is not reliable and very unsafe when we are talking about Gulf countries.

Many people do not want to pay for vpn.

We can find free vpn! – They say.

Yes, today you can find many free vpn offers. Although you have to be discreet when they require installation of some software on your gadget because in the vast majority of cases it is harmful software!

Your data can be stolen or your device can be used as a proxy or any other else.
You must understand that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. And finally you lost more with this FREE proxy and vpn services.

Respect yourself and use only reliable and estimable vpn services with good reputation. Do not waste your time on treacherous and not safe services.
Take in mind that UAE laws are very serious in Internet censure questions.
So do not jeopardize your on-line security and safety.

Using VPN on iPhone, iPad, iPad mini

You can use VPN on your iPhone or iPad (iPad Mini).
No additional applications are needed. You can trust our service - we will not harm your devices.

Following simple step by step guide you can setup new vpn connection.

How to select the best vpn for iPhone in Dubai UAE?

If you are going to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or others places in Gulf countries you can face numerous Internet filters.

You cannot access gambling and dating websites, Youtube and Facebook are also blocked.

You cannot use Skype or Viber for talking with your family, friends and partners.

VPN for Dubai will help you resolve all these problems!

It is not difficult to select the best vpn for UAE.

To choose a good vpn service for Dubai you need to consider the following tips:
- What IP address you need (USA, Canada, Europe)
It is important if you would like to wach Hulu or Netfix, or USA TV (USA IP is needed for this)
If you simple want to access blocked sites in UAE or use Skype and Viber you can select VPN Server that is closer to you but is located outside the UAE, for example Europe VPN server.
- What are your objectives of using vpn.
If you just want to mask your IP and hide your traffic you can select anyone.
- Are you going to use p2p or torrent sites?
Most vpn services do not allow using torrents.

When do you need VPN for iPhone in UAE?

- You use public Wi-Fi zones in hotels, restaurants and business centers for Internet
- You need Skype or Viber in UAE
- You want to access any site you like
- You wish to unblock Facebook
- You desire to protect yourself
- You want to be free on-line

If you answered YES on some of these questions – you need VPN in UAE !

How to make a vpn connection in your iOs device?

To set up vpn on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you need to follow the next instructions:
Go to Settings > General > VPN.
Click Add VPN Configuration.

Choose PPTP VPN and enter you VPN account data. You will receive your VPN server, username and password in the e-mail.
Save your VPN configuration. Once you have created VPN connection you can switch it ON and OFF on the main settings screen.

If you have any problems with vpn settings on your iPhone you can always contact us and our technical support will help you resolve any issue with vpn.
Sometimes you cannot use pptp vpn in UAE. In such cases you can always employ open vpn. Open vpn works anywhere!

Please review this page for more detailed instructions:


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Nice post

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Another important factor of using vpn on your devices is that you can prevent yourself form hacking attacks which are now increasing day by day

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using the most secured program waselpro vpn for your iphone can make your browsing easier and faster in UAE.

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