Two Grand Canyons in the Western United States? Yes!!

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An expose' of the little known Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park

Two Grand Canyons? You must be confused...

No, while most everyone knows of the Grand Canyon in Arizona in the United States, few know of this small canyon in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Located just north of the center of Yellowstone National Park is an area called the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park. The valley is about 26 miles long, between 800 and 1200 feet deep and between 1/4 and 3/4 mile wide.

A little more about the canyon

The Yellowstone River runs through the valley, and the V shape of the valley tells us that it was formed by river erosion, rather than by glacier movement or action. The river continues to erode the canyon, and the canyon changes from year to year, due to wind, water, and even a possible earthquake.
Most of the rock of the canyon is the product of volcanic action, leaving behind rhyolite - a volcanic rock noted for its iron content. There are a variety of colors seen on the canyon walls, ranging from yellows to deep reds. The colors are due to the combination of the iron content and the varying amounts of water seeping through the rock.

The Points of Interest

There are nine Points of Interest within the canyon, which serve to highlight the awe and beauty of it. Though 2 will be closed during the 2017 season, 6 of the remaining Points show spectacular views of waterfalls. The remaining Point is a grand view of the Yellowstone River. While no longer accessible, Uncle Tom's Trail was once used by tourists to hike all the way to the bottom of the Canyon. There is a steep stairway where one can safely go down to a viewing area of a portion of the Canyon.

Yes, hikers! There's something here for you!

There are about a dozen hiking trails within the Canyon, and most are interconnected. The majority of these are short - less than a mile. The hikes are all easy or moderate. There is still the need for caution, due to wild animals and possibly slippery conditions.

Getting there...

Coming from Idaho Falls, Idaho, one must travel through Jackson, Wyoming. To get into Yellowstone National Park, travel through Grand Tetons National Park is required. This allows the tourist opportunity to see bear, antelope, and bison. Grand Tetons itself is worth a few day's pleasure, as the mountains are very close and easily hiked into.

If you ever get to go to Yellowstone National Park, don't miss the chance to see this beautiful part of the park, The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park.


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