Twenty Years of The X Files

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Some facts and trivia about one of television's most popular shows in history, and it's impending reboot.

X Marks the Television Spot

It was 1992. We still left our phones at home, plugged safely into the wall. Your computer was a hulking behemoth that took up your whole desk with a whopping 250MB of memory. There whispers of this new thing called "the internet", but most people only had contact with it at school or work. The library still had a card catalogue and a microfiche machine.

And it was in this pregnant pause in history that The X Files began.

Not exactly a cop drama, a science fiction series or a detective show, The X Files seemed to combine all of that with the same brooding existential 1990s angst that brought us experimental films like The Matrix and the grit of grunge music.

From the very beginning, the show revolved around two FBI agents. At first, they seemed like polar opposites, but as the show progressed we found that they shared a similar tireless work ethic and sense of responsibility to the general public. The professional relationship that FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder shared was a major draw for fans of the show. Scully's background in "hard science" (her own words) was a complimentary contrast to Mulder's melancholy but often accurate intuitive sense. The character development and casting was also brilliant, thanks to the talents and clout that writer and producer Chris Carter brought to the show.

Vancouver as Herself

Another interesting factor that many credit with the show's success are the location itself. The mysterious nature of a rainy forest on the edge of a misty mountain was the perfect backdrop for a brooding Mulder and his skeptical partner to chase monsters and aliens.

Many films and TV shows are filmed in what is known locally as the Lower Mainland, known to outsiders simply as Vancouver. Vancouver is the biggest city in the Canadian province of British Columbia and it has doubled as virtually every other city on the continent. Lion's Gate Studios is based here and several other productions have used the suburbs, docks or smaller surrounding towns as part of their sets. The pilot episode of The X Files was filmed almost entirely in the city of White Rock, a small ocean side Vancouver suburb. There was no small amount of bitterness among local fans when the show moved to Hollywood in 1998, mostly at the insistence of David Duchovny.

When the show moved to California after Season 6, many fans insisted that something fundamental about the show was lost. This might have also been due to cast and writing changes; writer and producer Chris Carter originally planned for the series to end at this point but Fox Studios had decided that the show was too lucrative and instead wanted to expand into a movie franchise.

Tributes, Parodies and a Spin-Off

The X Files was lampooned on two popular animated shows in the 1990s; The Simpsons and ReBoot.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson played themselves in the Simpsons episode, with both actors lending their voices to the animated counterparts. In ReBoot, another experimental show (one that evolved from the time of stand alone games to online MMOs), the character names were changed slightly to Data Nully and Fax Modem (as everyone in the ReBoot universe has to have names that reference computers or something related). Gillian Anderson also participated in this parody by giving her voice to Data Nully. She was a fan of ReBoot and at the time her spouse was working for Mainframe Entertainment.

Countless other references and tributes abound, even into the present day; the series has never been out of syndication since it ended in 2002 and several copycat shows popped up in its place. None has been as successful or entertaining. The spin-off, called The Lone Gunman, only lasted for 13 episodes despite fairly good reviews.

I Want to Believe...In a Reboot

Ten successful seasons, one spin off and two films can mean only one thing; a reboot.

Duchovny and Anderson have already agreed to participate, but questions abound about their status on the show. Will Fox and Dana be a couple, as they were when the series ended? Are they married? Do they have any more children (assuming that Fox is the father of William, which has never been confirmed)?

And what about the story itself? The introduction of new agents in Season 7 seems to suggest a continuation as opposed to a reboot. Or will the story be repeated with a new cast from the beginning? Or will the story continue with the old cast? And how many of the iconic characters from the series will be included, like the vicious villains Smoking Man and Alex Krychek, or righteous heroes such as Walter Skinner and Deep Throat?

One thing we do know; the new X Files will be returning to it's original birthplace, Vancouver, British Columbia. Star David Duchovny, who was one of the deciding factors in the move south in 1998, doesn't seem to mind.


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I used to love watching The X-Files.

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Classic show!!!

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