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Dr. Christie Leigh is a young doctor who has visited Ghana several times to one particular village on the Volta River. This village can only be reached by traveling on the river. The living conditions at the village are very primative. The experience of Dr. Leigh with the young son of the village chief draws her into her life's mission.

Back in Beaufort

Atlantic Airlines flight 139 began its decent into the Beaufort Airport. Dr. Sandra Hartzog waited in the small terminal for her friend Dr. Crystal Leigh. As flight 139 crossed over the river and the marsh grass below Dr. Leigh stared out of the window and played over in her mind the plea on the face of a dying little boy. She cried quietly as she asked God to forgive her anger and failure to understand why this precious child had to die so young. The plane lined up with the runway and landed with a screech as the wheels touched down. After taxing back to the terminal the door opened and the stairway folded down for the 12 passengers to deplane.
The two friends fell into a quiet hug that lasted for several moments. Dr.
Leigh’s crying was due to the release of stress by being with her dear friend and
away from the horrors of the village on the banks of the river Volta back in Ghana.
Dr. Hartzog’s tears were for her friend’s grief over loosing a seven year old child.
The ride to Dr. Leigh’s apartment was quiet. When they arrived they just sat in the
car for a while as Dr. Leigh began to open up her heart over the concerns for the
people in the village. Dr. Hartzog listened without any comments or interruptions.
She knew her friend needed to get out the anger and grief she was feeling.
Finally there was a long silent pause before Dr. Hartzog spoke, “Christie you did what you could under the circumstances. You are a doctor not God. He has the final say and He is clear in His words to us. He tells us very clearly that He doesn’t think as we think and that His ways are very different from our ways. God has a purpose and plan for your life and the lives of every man, woman and child in every village and city in
the world. His ways and thoughts are far superior to the way we see life.”

The Ride Home

Dr. Leigh reflected on her experience as her friend drove, “Sandy the idea of breakfast, lunch and supper for these poor people or anyone working in the area is unheard of. These precious people only care about waking up for one more day. It is heart breaking to see small children going without food. It is just as disturbing to see the hopeless expressions on a mother’s face as she holds her child and watches as the child starves in silence.”
Dr. Hartzog glanced at her hurting friend, “Christie one of the reasons I have come to love and respect you so much is the very fact that you care. You care rather they have food and you care that a mother hurts. This is what makes you one hellava doctor. The question is what can you or any of us do beyond giving
what we can to some charity or working as you do on a misson trip from time to time?”
“We can pray.” Dr. Leigh said as tears welled up in her eyes, “God promised, if we who are called Christians humble ourselves and pray and seek His face and turn from our selfish ways, He would hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal the land.”

True Character

“That is another reason you are such a powerful woman to be around.” Dr. Hartzog smiled as she continued, “To be so young and to have such faith is moving. When we get to your place we will have prayer together before I go home.”
They both reached across the console and held hands for a moment. Dr. Hartzog pulled her hand loose so she could make a left turn into River Front Condos where Dr. Leigh had bought a condo only months before leaving on her trip to Ghana. The River Front Condos were in the same complex as the jazz club “Tuesdays” owned by Frank Cone. The new black BMW pulled into the parking space next to Dr. Leigh’s ten year old gray Buick. The two ladies carried the four pieces of luggage up a flight of stairs to Dr. Leigh’s condo which overlooked Port Royal Sound. Once inside they placed the luggage in the spare bedroom and Dr. Leigh walked over to the thermostat and turned on the air condition.
Dr. Leigh pulled the curtains at the sliding door leading to the balcony back for a full view of the harbor and the boats docked at the marina, “It is so good to be home. I truly feel for the village people in Ghana and I am looking forward to going back, but I must admit that I am glad that we have the luxuries of air condition and a personal car which they do not have. They don’t even have paved roads or shoes” she said as she sat down on the couch and removed her own shoes. She laughed out loud as she said to Dr. Hartzog, “Can you just see that nurse anesthetist Janet Riddle stepping into a long canoe wearing her fine stilettos and short skirt?”
“Now, now Christie, be nice.” Dr. Hartzog smiled, “Let’s have that prayer time so I can get home to my husband and daughter."
The ladies took turns praying for the people along the river in Ghana. They also prayed that God would provide the means for Dr. Leigh to be more helpful to the village people once she returned. Dr. Leigh finished up by asking God to forgive her for becoming upset with Him for the death of the chief’s seven year old son. They ended their prayers and Dr. Hartzog left with a hug from her young friend, “Get some rest. I will see you in a few days and don’t argue with me. I don’t want to see you before Tuesday morning. Well maybe before then. The new jazz restaurant at the marina is having a special opening for the hospital employees and those who live on the boats docked at the marina. The name of the place is "Tuesdays". Why don’t you meet Bob and me there Saturday night about six o’clock?”
Dr. Leigh used both hands to pull her hair up off the back of her neck, “Maybe.
What are you going to wear?”
“A loose, light weight sun dress.” Dr. Hartzog smiled, “I know Bob will sit out on the dock rather that inside in the air conditioning and the humidity is horrible.”
“Air conditioning, sweet air conditioning.” Dr. Leigh mussed as she shut the door behind Dr. Hartzog. She went into her kitchen and poured herself a glass of red wine then looked into her refrigerator to see what she might fix for a snack. Not much promise there since she had been gone for the last six weeks. She eased into her Navy canvas slippers and headed out the door to go to a small local grocery store she had come to like just a few blocks away. As she drove her mind drifted off to the little village in Ghana where she had just returned from a six week medical mission trip. She began to think about the things available to all Americans that weren’t available to the poor people in this Ghana village.
As she remembered her parting words to Dr. Hartzog she thought about the fact that not only was there no air conditioning, but no electricity. She shivered at remembering how she had to strip naked and take a bath in the river with one of the village ladies watching out for snakes and crocodiles. There was simply no where to hide.


The Mission Of Dr Christie Leigh

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Exceptionally written!

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heart-touching!!! well-written

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Loved this piece Michael. Beautifully written. Thanks.

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Beautifully written story. I especially like the reminder that "God has the final say". Looking forward to reading more!

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Very good one.

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Nice one, a heartfelt work!

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