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Travel & stay details to the city of Hanoi, Vietnam

Trip to Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is a place which has not yet announced it arrival on the world map. But rest assured, it’s a place headed in the right direction. An attempt to capture the things to explore and experience will result in the following….
Food: Almost All of Vietnamese food is hard core non vegetarian inclusive of Pork, dog meat, chicken along with rice noodles or rices itself. Fish, shrimp and prawn come next in the cuisine. One should also find snakes which form a special delight and many a times a surprise to a lot of non-veg eating crowd. The vegetables available are also fresh and are of high quality and suppleness. Nearly all tropical fruits are available round the year and they can be called as pretty high quality. Tofu made out of soya is another quiver in the Vietnamese cuisine. In the breakfast & snacks category one finds egg and iced tea or iced coffee called as Tra’ Da & Café Da respectively. These are available on road side eateries, which are a dozen by a dime available. Teenagers, with motorbikes are found peeling dried watermelon seeds and swallowing them down with tea or coffee.
Transport: The bus service is pretty regular and comprehensive. Most of them are Low floor, AC buses which charge a flat fee of 5000 VND or 7000 VND irrespective of the distance. The cabs are pretty expensive but are readily available In all my travel I have not come across a single instance when the cab driver refused to go to a particular area. In the central area of Hoan Kiem lake there are available Go Karts and manual rickshaws for a trip around the lake.
Places to visit in Hanoi:
• Hoan Kiem Lake
• West Lake: A perimeter of 14 Km of cool breeze is a delight on any evening
• Opera House
• Museum of Ethnicity
• Temple of Literature
• Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
• Ha Dong: Silk village
• Ba Tra’ng: Ceramic village
Cost of Living: Quite simply, the broad break up is as follows:
Living : 15 USD per night
Food: 2 USD per meal
Travel: 0.5 USD (for heavy travel in the city buses) per day
This makes Hanoi a reasonably affordable place to live in.
The accommodations available are fully furnished with wi fi and Air conditioners almost everywhere

People: People make the big difference in Hanoi. What you find here is a society which respects life and lets people be as they are. Mind you there is freedom available but hurting a person or misusing their trust might result in an inflammatory situation. The inner fabric of the society is pretty strong and tolerant. Women make their presence felt in nearly every domain of daily life and that is so refreshing. Hard working and productive women carry a little more responsibility than one is used to seeing in other countries. Other than the maddening traffic and rash driving one finds this place pretty safe even at nights.
Places around Hanoi:
Place around Hanoi which deserve attention are as follows:
• Ninh Binh
• Ha Long bay
• Hai phong

Dress code: Women wear skirts, shorts and leggings. Older women prefer night suits and jump suits as a comfortable wear. Younger men wear body hugging jeans and T shirt in casual wear or half shirts with formal trousers when the occasion demands. The older men are seen in night suits or shorts and T shirts
Traffic: The only part which one finds a little thrilling and dangerous around Hanoi is the traffic. Right from 4 wheelers to 2 wheelers, nobody seems to be in a mood to stop! Most of the crossings and junctions are either controlled through the traffic signal or through the traffic police. Still, the Vietnamese crowd knows how to maneuver its way like fighter pilots.
Power supply in Hanoi has been 24 hours non-stop. There is very little fluctuation throughout the day.
Roads are not so wide inside the city but they are divided for two lane traffic.
Mobile Phone service in Hanoi is quite simple. You can buy a SIM off the shelf and start using it without filling any forms or activation delay.
Water supply has been consistent
Entertainment/ Parks are available with 1 per 1-2 Km distance. This means that there is enough space to hang out which is also supported by the heavy footfall recorded by these places.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st May 2013 (#)

Good to know about Hanoi and Vietnam which not long ago was a closed society. Nice write Abhishek; try also to upload some pictures - siva

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author avatar abhishek123
2nd May 2013 (#)

I am struggling to upload multiple pics. I might take time to catch up. have submitted another travellogue which has pictures. thanks for your motivation!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th May 2013 (#)

You may know by now in Wikinut you can upload only one picture for each paragraph. So split your post into many paras - siva

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author avatar abhishek123
5th May 2013 (#)

Yes Sir,
Learnt it now and I think I will make some beautiful travellougues from now !

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