Traveling to India get hooked on chai tea

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An article on chai tea the most popular form of hot beverage in India. Also read about the spiced tea of masala chai...

Chai Tea

Chai tea transcends India's social, cultural and status barriers. The wonderful hot beverage is extension of people's lives and inextricably linked to their daily habits. Tea drinking has turned into a customary ritual in many house holds and businesses.

The most popular form of hot beverage in the country is available in every household, street corners, lounges and upscale restaurants. The largest consumption is through the chai shops in the streets and not cafes or lounges.

Around every shopping malls or bazaar, business centers and rusty bazaars chai tea is available within an arms reach. The street shops are usually small dingy rooms tucked away or rather squeezed into a row of shops. The other most popular source of this hot beverage is the handcart that sells steaming cups of chai along with light snacks.

Chai has become ubiquitous with daily routine activities. When people meet or have visitors for social or business interaction the call is Chai!

How Chai is made?

The process of brewing chai is extremely simple. Water and milk are boiled together and them leaf is added to it. The liquor is than brought to a boiling point 2 3 times and than strained. The red milky liquid is chai.

The variations come about by adding spices into the boiling mixture. On many instance the spices in powdered form or straight are added to the blend itself. The blending of spices in the leaf is usually done major tea companies.

The popular <a href="" target="_blank">spiced tea mixture</a> is sold in packets or tea bags. Albeit costly, the blending makes it worth a buy instead of making it in the home.

The spices in masala tea are very healthy and help fight against minor ailments besides some chronic diseases. Green and Darjeeling tea are also consumed along with the spices.

So when traveling in India keep guzzling mind boggling variants of chai. Your journey to India will be an enriched and enhanced experience.


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author avatar Mike Robbers
1st Jul 2013 (#)

Nice article on chai tea and its cultural significance.

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author avatar Ptrikha
1st Jul 2013 (#)

One can add ginger, or clove also to chai tea to make it tastier.

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
1st Jul 2013 (#)

Indian stores in South Africa keep different variations of chai tea.Masala tea is popular amongs Indians in South Africa.In fact South Africa has its own little India that still carriers their religious,cultural baggage.Still love their tea,spices etc

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author avatar Delicia Powers
1st Jul 2013 (#)

Very good, thank you...

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author avatar pateluday
1st Jul 2013 (#)

Thanks for the comments.

Chai Tea has cultural essence in India and elsewhere.

Yes it is wonderful beverage with various spices like clove and ginger added to it.

Must visit South Africa and the Indian diaspora...

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author avatar naash
8th Jul 2013 (#)

I love masaala Chai. Whenever we go to an Indian restaurant, we order it!

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author avatar pateluday
9th Jul 2013 (#)

Yes Naash it goes well with Indian Curry!

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