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2012 is the year I am going to get out there and start striking off my ever growing list of places to go before I settle down & so something ‘productive’ – god forbid.


EGYPT: Because it looks stunning & the more I looked the more I found I was desperate to go and see.

ICELAND: Been there. Loved it. It is incredible. Volcanoes, geysers, waterfalls, houses buried in lava rock, endless landscapes, hot spots & pools, mountains, plate boundaries, sulphur releases, braided streams, erosion in motion – the list goes on & you don’t have to be a geographer to appreciate the sheer immensity this place has to offer. I saw a geyser erupt which only goes off every 10-15 years, the waterfalls were on the verge of overwhelming and scenery which was – for want of a less cliche word – breathtaking.

VENICE: The sinking city. it would be beautiful.

AMSTERDAM: Been there site-seeing (promise!) but would like to go to the Anne Frank museum & I have yet to sample the night life.

ATHENS: History is not my forte any more but the ruins would be amazing & I’ve heard the new year celebrations are really good.

AUSTRALIA: Of course. who doesn’t. Plan to get a working visa & work my way round. Would be great to spend time on an outback ranch & scuba diving is my number one priority on the reefs.

PARIS: Done, done & done again. Done all the hot tourist spots time & time again but I’m sure there are still some back alleys with some romantic coffee shops left to sample.

BELGIUM Went there for historical interest so a little depressing but i’m sure it would be different if I returned for leisure.

FIJI: I plan to live here for a couple of months in the next year or so on a course I’ve chosen. These islands must get a ridiculous amount of tourism & I know the culture will have so much more to offer if I approach it from a different angle.

NEW ZEALAND: Another no brainer. I have family out here too so would be rude not to…

HAWAII: it looks amazing. The film Forgetting Sarah Marshall sold it to me – despite the terrible green screening

DUBLIN: So close to home yet still needs ticking off. Definitely one for the ever-looming hen parties

BULGARIA: Went in the summer of 2010. Lovely beaches, wonderfully cheap but still want to explore the mountains

THE AMAZON RAINFOREST: This one is extremely high on the list but I want to get together a bit of money to make the most of South America & do it properly. Although I want to do the trekking and usual stuff I think living there for a bit on a volunteer project or something would also be great.

THE GREAT BARRIER REEF: The only major thing I’ve always always wanted to do since I was born.

HONG KONG & TOKYO: Heard great things but again want to save some money.

THAILAND: Yes for all the usual reasons & would like to do it young to embrace the drinking culture (heard there’s a river you can swing across and have to climb out into the various bars?!) but also want to do it last on a round trip so I can buy endless handmade souvenirs and get drawn into all the market stalls properly!

THE ALPS: I’ve skied all over The Alps, especially on the French sides – Courcheval and the Three Valleys, La Plagne, La Rochelle, Chamonix etc. but also crosses borders to Italy. I’d love to do a ski season somewhere too

BARCELONA: Touristy I know but the city would still be beautiful. I’m already planning to do MADRID to visit my friends after graduation so will hopefully be able to hit 2 birds with one stone then

IBIZA: Another one of those you simply have to do. Want to have enough money to make the most of all the huge clubs though.

THE MALDIVES: Would be beautiful & maybe helping out with a conservation project.

MADAGASCAR: yes please.

LAS VEGAS: An experience of a lifetime. I would be a terrible gambler but a city that never sleeps would be right up my street. Know I would love the energy and pace but of course want to save up loads to come here – as with most of America.


MALIA: Did the crazy girls on tour holiday. Loved it but wouldn’t go back!

SALOU, SPAIN: Amazing place to go for a first holiday – summer of 2008 was fantastically hot, cheesy & full of memories.

THE GRAND CANYON (on horseback):Would love to horse ride around it wearing a cowboy hat.

MEXICO: Again, I imagine it like the old cowboy & indian movies for some reason but I know it won’t disappoint.

MOROCCO: yes, yes & yes again.

RIO DE JANEIRO: looks colourful, exotic & cultural – right up my street.

YELLOWSTONE: would love to go here, explore the landscape & see the end-of-the-world volcano waiting to happen. Looks like a great place to escape the world & put life back in perspective.

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author avatar Buzz
10th Apr 2012 (#)

Come to the Philippines first and you'll never have to pay for accommodations.:) Nice, share, Charlee.

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author avatar Val Mills
16th Apr 2012 (#)

Busy times ahead! Would love to see you here in New Zealand :-)

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author avatar Ptrikha
28th Jan 2013 (#)

You are a keen traveler and have seen a lot of places. You can also try to come to India, though be careful as to where you stay and where you go.

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